Class of 1991 Spring 2017 Letter

Spring 2017

Dear Classmates,

I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard the news about Luther icon Weston Noble ’43 passing away. If you haven’t heard the news, Weston passed away on December 21, 2016, after complications from a fall.

I have to believe that most of us have some sort of Weston story to share, even those of you who did not participate in any of the many music opportunities at Luther. I have a few favorite Weston memories. My first memory is when I came to visit Luther as a junior in high school. My father, sister, and I were getting the full tour from Kirk Johnson ’82 and stopping by and saying “hi” to Weston was a part of the tour. I was able to let Weston know that my high school choir director back home in New Jersey was very impressed with the fact that I was considering attending Luther College. I can’t remember how my high school choir director was familiar with Weston’s work, but he was, and that most certainly made an impression on me.

My second memory of Weston is from Pike Kor try-outs. That moment is where history began, as Rachel and I (Kory) were next to each other in line. Being the outgoing girls that we are, we introduced ourselves to each other, started talking, and tried out with each other in our small group. I remember Weston giving our group some sort of compliment that made me walk on cloud nine the rest of the day. His words were humble, kind, and authentic.

My final memory to share of Weston Noble is my most favorite memory. During one of the Messiah chorus rehearsals, Weston told a story about how an alumna shared with him that every time she was running her washing machine, the sounds the machine made reminded her of the “Wonderful, Counselor” choir and how that gave her a little bit of joy during the tedious task of laundry. That story stuck with me, and now every time I am doing laundry (which is pretty much all the time for our family of four), I sing along with the washing machine, reminiscing not only about Messiah, but also about Luther College.

Weston Noble is yet just one of the people who tie us all together as members of the class of 1991. Whether our memories are of him conducting (I was always amazed at how well he could conduct a choir without barely moving his arms) or of him walking around campus and picking up each and every piece of trash he found, no matter how big or small, my guess is he made a difference to all of us in some way. I’m sure plenty of other professors made a difference during our years at Luther, and still make a difference in our lives today. If you have a chance, be sure to let those professors know the impact they had on your life. Whether you send them an email or write them a good old-fashioned letter, I know they will appreciate it.

I love this quote of Weston’s, which was shared in an interview Weston did on MPR with Brian Newhouse in July 2015. May his legacy live on in all our hearts.

Weston Noble: The legacy of an American choral giant

"Vulnerability really is the secret to life itself. Openness right? Honesty. And music allows vulnerability to come so beautifully. Because when you share musically and get this goose bump and so forth, it's much easier to start to talk with a greater depth, right? And then you go a greater depth than that. And when you reach a certain point of vulnerability and so forth—and this is what I think is so beautiful—that's when you enter the garden of trust. Isn't that a gorgeous thing to say? You've entered the garden of trust."

Soli Deo Gloria.

Kory (Andersen) Graham,        Janet (Wagamon) Lewis,  and Rachel Mueller
[email protected]         [email protected]                     [email protected]


Jenny (Spickerman) Christiason is a pediatric nursing clinical adjunct instructor at Allen College of Nursing in Waterloo, Iowa.

Kirsten (Melby) Corrigan is regional manager of practice transformation at Midwest AIDS Training and Education Center at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

Deanna (Lindell) Drum of Anaheim, Calif., is an HR business partner at Healthcare Success.

Katherine (Vertanen) Garity is coordinator of outpatient mental health services at Northwestern Medicine in St. Charles, Ill.

Carrie (Nelson) and Aaron Romine live in Centennial, Colo. Carrie is a controller at Tralee Capital Partners; Aaron is regional director for the U.S. Department of Education.

Tim Schmidt is finance director of the food division of QualiTech in Chaska, Minn.

Clark Shah-Nelson is assistant dean of instructional design and technology at University of Maryland School of Social Work in Baltimore.

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Laura Madson
Caryn Mahaffay
Jill (Johnson) Marquardt
Thomas Marquardt
James McCreight
Michelle McLain-Kruse
Gregory McWilliams
Kathy (Butterbrodt) Metcalf
Benton Miller
Jennifer (Hinman) Miller
John Moore
Rachel Mueller
Eric Muller
Shelby Myers
Kathryn Nelsen
Troy Nelson
Pamela (Kleven) Noblin
Kristi Olien
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Katherine (Kenagy) Petersen
P.J. Priest
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Carolyn (Nelson) Romine
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Jennifer (Mueller) Sampson
Laura (Upham) Sandham
Aaron Sannes
Christine (Schildroth) Sannes
Rebecca (Smith) Schmidt
Kirsten (Storm) Sebold
Clark Shah-Nelson
Bradley Skogen
Dean Southern
Ellen (Vander Lugt) Staib
Kelli (Kuebrich) Stoaks
Erik Thorland
Hans Ulland
Kim Ulland
Scott Vande Krol
William Weiss
Linda (Jass) Werner
Michelle (Gipp) Whitehill
Kristine (Hukey) Wiese
David Womeldorf
Eric Wood
Caroline Worra
Andrew Yeast
Brandon Yoemans
Douglas Zars

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