Class of 1990 Spring 2018 Letter

Spring 2018

Greetings Class of ’90,

Recall the years 1986-1990? Fast forward to 2018, many of us have reached that milestone 50th birthday, for others it’s still approaching, but have no fear, it feels pretty good. Entering a new decade is a turning point – just like starting college. I’m finding myself to have a new attitude and closer feeling of self-actualization (my Maslow/Psychology major reference here) that comes with age and a new chapter of life. There is an overflowing feeling of gratitude for my Luther years and all of you. What a firm foundation that campus, those halls, those fields, that town…gave all of us. I hope you are connected and stay connected to Luther College and Decorah; if you’re not please join us – it’s never too late.

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