Class of 1987 Spring 2018 Letter

Spring 2018

Dear Classmate,

Happy spring! Maybe where you live, the temperatures have been above freezing for weeks (if not months), or maybe you are just shoveling out from the last gasp of winter. As I recall from my four years in Decorah, we got every storm system that hit the Twin Cities AND every storm that blew through Chicago, so there was plenty of snow to go around. How many of you recall sliding down that hill from the Towers and Ylvi towards the Union, whether you intended to or not? Of course, by May, many of us were studying for finals out in the meadow behind Preus Library. Speaking of winter, did you know that 286 students and 29 program leaders participated in one of Luther’s 17 courses around the world over January Term? Do you remember your J-term experiences?

I am the new Class Agent for the Class of 1987. Dean Pribbenow has done a great job for us, but was ready to let go. I resided in Dieseth all three years as an upperclassman, so may know you from the Towers or a science class in Valders. I was a member of the now-closed Omega Psi Epsilon sorority, and was a student athletic trainer in our freshman and sophomore years. I am actually back in grad school, getting a second master’s degree, this time an M.Ed with licensure to teach Parent Education in an Early Childhood Family Education program in Minnesota. Helping families thrive by supporting and informing parents is something I get excited about.

When was the last time you visited the campus? I know many of you have children who are or have been students at our alma mater, so you are up-to-date with the many new and re-modeled buildings. If it’s been more than 10 years since you were here (or the 31 years since we graduated), consider coming back to see what’s new. Maybe bring your son or daughter, nephew or niece, and share with them the joy that is Luther College! Having majored in biology when at Luther, I am in awe of the Sampson-Hoffland Laboratories! Would they have helped me get a better grade in Dr. Rulon’s Physiology class? Not likely, but I can’t rule it out.

There is plenty to do in Decorah as well, besides re-visiting Mabe’s Pizza. Did you know that there are two independent breweries in town that are turning Decorah into a beer tourism destination? Toppling Goliath and Pulpit Rock are making a name for themselves. Don’t believe me? Go to and see!

Being a relatively new transplant to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, I am still getting used to the number of Luther alums in the area. Every time I wear a shirt or cap proclaiming Luther, or use the water bottle I bought at the Bookstore during our 30th Reunion weekend, I get a “Go Norse” as I walk through the grocery store, or a flash of that red-stoned ring, or a honk and signing of LC as someone passes my clearly-marked car. We really are rather proud of our school! This past Thanksgiving, on the flight back to Minneapolis, I thought I was imagining that the people coming down the aisle of the plane were familiar, but it turned out that our classmates Bob and Connie (Huisinga) Barrett were sitting right in front of me. But nothing can top the night in the mid-90’s that I was waiting at a stop light in Oakland, CA, and a young woman from the class of 1991 got out of her car that was behind mine, knocked on my window, and exclaimed, “I went to Luther, too!” Do you have a story like that?

Don’t forget that the Oneota Film Festival will be held April 19-22 ( and that Nordic Fest is July 26-28 (

In closing, I hope you'll consider supporting current Luther students with a donation to the Luther Fund. Use the enclosed form and reusable envelope to mail in your gift or visit today! Thank you!

Please reach out to me with any news about your life!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Sarah (Wold) Allcock
1987 Class Agent
[email protected]


Patty Beech owns Patty Beech Consulting in Duluth, Minn. She is a senior instructor in the social work program at the University of Wisconsin Superior.

Kristi (Sprague) Glesne is senior learning and development coordinator for Lands’ End Business Outfitters in Dodgeville, Wis.

Matthew Teslow is a sales associate at Bieber Insurance and Real Estate in Waukon, Iowa.