Class of 1983 Spring 2018 Letter

Spring 2018

Dear Classmate –

This fall we will celebrate a class reunion – 35 years! It is hard to believe that it has been 35 years since we all graduated from Luther College. Where has the time gone? Many of us have children who have graduated from or are currently attending Luther College. We have both – one who is a graduate and one who is a junior. We have enjoyed staying in close contact with our alma mater.

With the class reunion only months away, I shall share with you that there are two new breweries in Decorah – Toppling Goliath Brewing Co. and Pulpit Rock Brewing Co. When we are back for events in the spring and fall, these breweries are very popular places for those enjoying the biking trails, the Upper Iowa River, Dunning’s Spring and other favorite places. You may want to check these out the next time you are in Decorah – maybe the class reunion weekend!

I always like to reflect on J-Term this time of year because it is so fun to read about the students’ experiences from their trips. Our daughter explored Ireland taking a Paideia class.  286 students and 29 program leaders participated in off-campus J-terms. Check out the students’ blogs on the website.  You can find J-Term course blogs at and regular Luther student blogs at They are fascinating.  It may even spark some interest in you to travel; check out the Alumni Tours on the website too. Upcoming tours in 2018 include Nordic Choir Companion Tour to Germany and Czechia (May-June 2018) and Sicily and Malta (October 2018).

Also, as many of you know, Thursday, March 8, was Luther's third annual Giving Day! Thousands tuned in to an all-day livestream from Marty's and joined the fun through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more). Overall, a whopping $478,193 was raised for the Luther Fund - WOW! If you'd like to relive the fun (and see the 12-hour livestream), visit THANK YOU to all who donated and made this day such a success!

And finally, Luther’s Board of Regents voted in February to approve a new strategic plan: “Inspired. Empowered. Engaged.” The new plan, which will run through 2023, is designed to make Luther more dynamic and innovative in its support of the 21st-century liberal arts student. Expect to hear more about the exciting changes ahead as the plan moves from the concept phase into execution.

Happy Spring to all!  Put our 35-year class reunion—Homecoming 2018, Saturday, October 27— on your calendar and maybe we will see you in the fall!  And as always, support Luther College.

Michele Stevens

1983 Class Agents:

Martha (Anderson) Looft
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Michele (Mertens) Stevens
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Dennis Flodeen of San Diego is retired.