Class of 1980 Spring 2018 Letter

Spring 2018

Dear Classmate,

Luther College is the place we grounded ourselves in becoming the people we are today.  What do you treasure?  My memories of the Christmas celebrations at Luther keep me coming back for inspiration and renewal. Last December, the Christmas at Luther program was exceptional. There was the traditional sing-a-long of hymns, quality music by everyone involved, and pageantry. I witnessed collaboration and sharing between the conductors and ensembles, a balance of music old and new, plus a feeling of thematic unity. The heir to the legacy of Weston Noble is Andrew Last ’97. He is an exceptional choice to lead the Luther College Nordic Choir, as I have witnessed on many occasions.  Andrew brings the knowledge of the past, grooming under Weston as a student, graduate school, and then back to Luther working with the Norsemen and Collegiate Chorale before taking over Nordic Choir. When the music ensembles are touring in your region, be sure to come out, support Luther, and be inspired by these amazingly talented students.

Last summer I had the opportunity to lead a band at the Dorian Music Camp. Spending a week in Decorah and serving my alma mater was special. I enjoyed spending time with dedicated students who served as counselors and supporters during the camp. It is always fun to work with young people who are filled with energy and hungry to develop their skills and musicianship. Promoting and supporting Luther College and encouraging students to attend is easy when you value your personal experience as a student…even if it was long ago. 

The variety of offerings at this liberal arts institution provides a full menu of courses, pre-professional programs, and faculty who serve as teacher/scholar role models. This student support from the community and public, plus our alumni like you, really make a difference.  Time, talent, and treasure are the three resources one can offer. What will it be for you?   The Luther website offers these outcomes for students:

Graduates of Luther College are individuals with disciplined and inquisitive minds, equipped to understand and confront a changing society, and committed to using their talents to serve the common good. As a liberal arts college of the church, Luther seeks to ensure that all students will grow in knowledge, abilities, and mature in values during their undergraduate years and be motivated to continue this growth throughout their lives. The college expects students to pursue these goals in both independent and collaborative settings. It provides an environment in which students are active participants in shaping their intellectual and personal development.

You are a product of this vision. I know a number of people are retiring at this stage of life from the class of 1980.  What does this chapter look like?  Where and how will you contribute in these next years of freedom and choices?

Decorah is a happening place. There are new breweries, restaurants, and a new Fairfield Inn. We know the impact of quality businesses on the economic strength of a region. Luther College and Decorah have a unique partnership and everyone will benefit greatly from this growth. Visiting Decorah is a very positive thing to do with the bike path, canoeing, hiking or simply enjoying events on campus. 

In closing, I hope you'll consider supporting current Luther students with a donation to the Luther Fund. Use the enclosed form and reusable envelope to mail in your gift or visit today! Thank you!

I wish you all the best in your life’s journey. Enjoy spring and remember the magical place that is an important part of your past…Luther College.

Kris (Skogland) Tjornehoj

1980 Class Agents:

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Kris (Skoglund) Tjornehoj
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