Class of 1977 Spring 2017 Letter

Spring 2017

Dear Classmate,

As I write this letter, the current crop of Luther students is nearly halfway through their second semester. J-term is starting to fade from memory. The students are likely thinking about mid-terms, spring break, and a well-deserved change in routine. Many of them have also just finished participating in Luther's second annual Giving Day. This relatively new annual event is a special day set aside for raising awareness on social media about Luther's campus community, and it raised over $500,000 for the Annual Fund. Who in our generation would have thought a live-stream featuring lefse-making would be a hit!

You have probably heard the news about our beloved Weston Noble ’43, who died Dec. 21, 2016. A celebration of his life will be held on campus at 1 p.m. Saturday, May 13, at the Center for Faith and Life, Main Hall. More details about Weston’s life can be found in the Winter 2017 issue of the Luther Alumni Magazine and on Luther’s website.

While we’re on the subject of music, it was announced in January that Andrew Last ’97, assistant professor of music and conductor of Collegiate Chorale and Norsemen, has been appointed to the post of Nordic Choir conductor and director of choral activities at Luther. He will begin his new duties at the beginning of the 2017 fall semester.

You can read more about Andrew Last on Luther’s website, and you can find lots more as well, including students’ J-term course blogs and other course blogs, Alumni Office travel tours and events, links to alumni profiles, comparisons and rankings, life after Luther, etc. It’s easy to find web content that interests you at by clicking the search button next to the “info for” drop-down box at the top right of the page. Type in the word “news,” click on the search button, and you’ll get all of the Luther news.

Of course, the big event for our class this year is our upcoming 40-year class reunion during Homecoming Weekend, October 6-8. The reunion committee meets again in April to continue planning. By now you should have been contacted at least once by one of the committee members or received some information in the mail. If you have any suggestions for the reunion, by all means, please feel free to pass along your ideas either to me or to your committee contact. It's exciting to hear that so many classmates are already making plans to attend. I hope that you are one of them. You will receive more information concerning the reunion in a separate mailing later this summer. In the meantime, please check out the "Luther College Class of 1977" Facebook page that Deb Wiley set up for us.

Attached to this letter is the list of all who made gifts to Luther in calendar year 2016. Thank you for your kind generosity and commitment to Luther College!

Steve Pitzenberger
[email protected]

Connie Houdek is a licensed spiritual practitioner and coordinator of youth and family at Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago.

Tim Maus, M.D., is an associate professor of radiology at Mayo School of Medicine, co-chair of the Interventional Spine Group for Mayo Rochester and Mayo Clinic Health System, and vice president of the Spine Intervention Society, an international medical society promulgating evidence-based interventions for pain.

Robyn (Lundquist) Sloan is retired from teaching high school biology. She instructs driver’s education part-time for St. Vrain Valley Schools in Longmont, Colo.

Lisa (Ask) Whannel of Estes Park, Colo., is retired.


Kari Lee of Stowe, Vt., died May 24, 2016, at age 60 after a long battle with ALS. Born in New Haven, Conn., she spent many years overseas and lived in various Midwest locations. Kari attended Luther from 1973-74; she also attended Cape Cod (Mass.) Community College and Johnson (Vt.) State College, where she received a degree in early childhood education. For several years, Kari worked aboard offshore fishing vessels in Chatham, Mass. She married Paul Carty in 1982, before moving to Vermont. Kari provided preschool care for children in her home and went on to direct early childhood centers in Michigan and Vermont. She is survived by her two children, Evan Lea Carty and Gienah Brigid Carty; mother, Marie (Olson) Lee ’52; stepmother, Margaret Lee; five brothers, Marcus Lee (Lisa), Gustav Lee (Jodi), Ivan Lee, Anton Lee, and Kristopher Lee (Elizabeth); three sisters, Maia Wright (Stephen), Tora Lee, and Katherine Fester (Tom); and two uncles, O.R. Olson ’53 and Paul Olson ’63. Kari was preceded in death by her grandfather, Walter Olson ’24.

The Annual Fund – make your gift today:
Your gift. Put to work, right away, where it is needed most.

Last year more than 10,000 alumni, family, and friends supported Luther’s Annual Fund with gifts from $5 to $100,000. Your gift makes a difference for each and every student at Luther, and we are grateful for your support.


This list includes all gifts received January 1, 2016, to December 31, 2016. Making a gift each and every year is an investment in the lives of Luther students and a show of support for the Luther College community. Thank you for your support of Luther College through your giving.

Steven Amundson
Erik Andersen
Bruce Arnevik
Catherine (Cordahl) Arnevik
Thomas Bahr
Melinda Rae (Morris) Berkeland
Denise (Danielson) Bernatz
Richard Bernatz
Debra (Paulson) Birdsall
Kristine Braaten-Lee
Tod Broman
Janet Brunner-Grady
Kim Butters
Rosemary (Riebhoff) Chavez
Mary (Thorson) Consamus
Stephanie Craig-Hanewall
Jeffrey Cross
Joyce (Hoffman) Cummings
Steven Dahm
Paulette (Huhe) Dixon
Douglas Duin
Karen (Madsen) Egan
Jan (Anderson) Ellingson
Steven Emerson
Bruce Ferden
Gregory Fields
Lois (Dunleavy) Finanger
Mark Finanger
James Fowler
Daniel Gapinski
Merrilee Gerberding Hupp
Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum
Steven Glad
Julie (Huntting) Grandgeorge
Chris Hall
Thomas Hansen
Bradley Haugen
Cynthia (Teisberg) Hewitt
Elaine (Ottmers) Hill
Ann Hill Duin
Andrew Holman
David Jennings
Jean (Williams) Johnson
Cathy Kammin-Braathun
Nancy Keiser
Jeffrey Kelly
Randall Krug
Richard Krug
Douglas Lohafer
Jan (Gardner) Madson
Kyle Marquard
David Martin
Robin (Brosen) McBride
Margaret (Hovden) McDonald
Terry McNeill
James Mohni
Karen (Brandt) Monsen
Wayne Monsen
Ruth (Kabele) Monson
Thomas Monson
Deborah (Leschensky) Murrell
Lynn (Sholts) Najem
Juliann Nelson-Duffy
Gregory Nicoll
Randy Noecker
Michael Norderhaug
Pamela Olson
James Oppermann
Mary (Stoneman) Oppermann
Krisann (Skeate) Osterbur
William Osterbur
Rick Penning
Joanna (Swiggum) Petersen
Norman Petersen
Steven Peterson
Steven Pitzenberger
Patricia (Johnson) Poggi
Penelope (Smith) Pratt
Debra (Stucky) Pundt
Janice Rambow Beatty
Norma (Boots) Refsal
Alice Reuter
Allen Rohde
Rebecca (Larson) Romosz
Mark Rowe
Brian Rude
Daniel Sand
Allan Sather
Michael Savre
Mark Scharff
Paul Schattauer
Brad Schneider
Scott Schroeder
David Schweizer
Heidi Simpson Tjeltveit
David Stanley
Bradley Stene
Marcus Thomsen
Steven Thorson
Kristen (Mellom) Tone
Terry Tone
Jan (Osmundson) Watson
Elisabeth (Ask) Whannel
Gene Whannel
Deb Wiley
Suzanne Woodrich
Susan (Grinna) Youngs

Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If an error has been made, please accept our apology and contact the Luther Development Office at 800-225-8664, or email [email protected].