Class of 1976 Spring 2017 Letter

Spring 2017

Dear Class of 1976,

As we are loving the weather in SUNSHINY FLORIDA, we hear the Twin Cities area is getting a bit of that white stuff…after all it is MARCH MADNESS! :) However, we do believe the weather in Luther Land has been milder than other years. We have also been reflecting on Homecoming 2016...our 40-year reunion. What a great turnout and so much fun connecting with our classmates. THANK YOU to those who made an effort to celebrate and share our Luther memories! And THANK YOU to many who have sent responses to us saying how great a day it was...However, in turn, this needs to go out to the entire committee and Luther staff. Let's plan for the 45th!

Some news from Luther… You probably heard the news about our beloved Weston Noble ’43, who died Dec. 21, 2016.  A celebration of his life will be held on campus at 1 p.m. Saturday, May 13, at the Center for Faith and Life, Main Hall.  More details about Weston’s life can be found in the Winter 2017 issue of the Luther Alumni Magazine and on Luther’s website.

It has come to our attention that Luther's enrollment may be decreasing. If you have any available chance to encourage our youth to attend this awesome institution, feel free to reach out to them. We try to touch as many lives as possible in our area, and many young people have thanked us for encouraging them to pursue Luther as a collegiate choice. Sometimes, the smallest act of kindness is the greatest deed!

Attached to this letter is the list of all who made gifts to Luther in calendar year 2016. Thank you for your generosity! Did you know you can sign up for monthly giving to Luther? It’s a great way to ensure a gift is made each year. Those who make a gift at any level for three or more consecutive years become members of Luther’s Loyalty Society. Visit loyalty for more details. Regular giving to Luther is a great habit to cultivate!

Do you have memories of past Luther experiences you’d like to share? I’m sure our classmates would enjoy reading about them; send me your stories!

We’ll write again in the fall,

Rod and Geri (Grimm) Dirth
[email protected]
[email protected]


Ed Kennedy is a SVP/CFO at Peoples Bank of Commerce in Cambridge, Minn.
Rene’ O’Donnell-Hanlon is a seasonal park guide at Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur, Okla.

Nancy (Hansen) and David Runningen live in Caledonia, Minn. Nancy is a district assessment coordinator. David is an elementary physical education director at Houston Public Schools.

Ann (Olson) Wendling of Landrum, S.C., is a self-employed public health consultant and medical director.


Jane (Korsrud) Nelson of Cottage Grove, Minn., died Oct. 3, 2016, at age 62. Born in Pipestone, she grew up in Burnsville, where she graduated from high school in 1972. Jane majored in biology at Luther, and while there she met her future husband, Jeff Nelson ’75. After her Luther graduation, she spent the next several years in Iowa City while Jeff attended medical school. In 1982 the couple moved to Cottage Grove, where they raised their three children. Jane enjoyed traveling, photography, shopping, and volunteering at St. Luke Lutheran Church, but she considered her greatest accomplishment as being a mom and grandma. Jane is survived by her husband of 41 years, Jeff Nelson ’75; children, Chris (Julie), Tom (Darcy), and Sarah (Jacob) Danner; two grandchildren; parents, Helen and Walter Korsrud ’49; siblings, Sandra (Korsrud) Behensky ’71 (Lou Behensky ’72) and David Korsrud ’75; and many other relatives and friends.

Dale Russell of Dubuque, Iowa, died Aug. 25, 2016, at age 62. A Dubuque native, he graduated from Hempstead High School in 1972 before enrolling at Luther, where he majored in history and sociology. After his Luther graduation, Dale moved to Chicago to teach at Prologue Alternative High School in Uptown. He returned to Dubuque in 1998 and taught in an alternative program before assuming various teaching positions at Fulton Elementary, Roosevelt Middle, Hempstead High, and Senior High schools. An avid sports fan, Dale was especially devoted to the Chicago Cubs, White Sox, Bears, and Bulls. He took up gardening and enjoyed giving away much of the overabundance of veggies to neighbors and friends. Dale was passionate about politics and appreciated a discussion or debate over a good brew. He had a gentle soul, a good heart, and many friends from all walks of life. Dale is survived by his mother, Mildred; sister, Wanda (Russell) Dunn ’78; brother-in-law; nephew; and many cousins. He was preceded in death by his father, Donald Russell.

Your gift. Put to work, right away, where it is needed most.

Last year more than 10,000 alumni, family, and friends supported Luther’s Annual Fund with gifts from $5 to $100,000. Your gift makes a difference for each and every student at Luther, and we are grateful for your support.


This list includes all gifts received January 1, 2016, to December 31, 2016. Making a gift each and every year is an investment in the lives of Luther students and a show of support for the Luther College community. Thank you for your support of Luther College through your giving.

Gary Alshouse
Cindy (Ortgies) Anderson
Dean Anderson
Kevin Anderson
Susan Anderson
Loretta (Blumhagen) Bachelder
Norma (Roelofsen) Bappe
Luther Berkeland
Michael Bernatz
Scott Birdsall
David Boileau
Nancy (Peck) Bolson
Bradford Braley
Peggy Brenden
Linda (Schaffer) Brokish
Shelley Bruce
Kim Brunssen
Larry Brunzlick
Kari (Onerheim) Burns
Carol (Crissinger) Carlson
Hans Carlson
Jamie (Christie) Christensen
Thomas Coon
Rad Decker
Randall Denner
Geri (Grimm) Dirth
Rodney Dirth
Ruth Drews
Cheri (Wiedenmann) Francik
Scott Francik
Dennis Freitag
John Fyfe
Denise Gajewsky
Larry Geiselhart
Richard Grabow
Steven Grandgeorge
Allen Green
Jeffrey Gustafson
Chryss (Syers) Hartman
Patricia Hauslein
David Henderson
Kevin Hibbard
Lisa (Peter) Howard
Dawn (Grulke) Hysler
Pamela (Magruder) Jeffries
Danny Johnson
David Johnson
Wendi (Hoegberg) Johnson
Kathryn (Ehredt) Jorgensen
Martha (Monson) Keck
John Kerndt
Mary (Housker) Klimesh
Julie (Pederson) Knutson
Julie (Larsen) Kramer
Steven Kramer
Jennifer (Bickel) Lane
Liberta (Krug) Ledder
Lana Leiding
Karlene (Erusha) Lindseth
Susan Linner
Karen (Horn) Mault
Sandra Mayer Brown
Joel Meade
Kurtis Meyer
Paula (Hermeier) Meyer
William Mills
Christine (Ericksen) Moore
Bruce Murray
Cy Nelson
†Jane (Korsrud) Nelson
Kirk Neubauer
Anne (Ulvilden) Nyquist
Rene O'Donnell-Hanlon
Bradley Olson
David Olson
Linda Palmer
Lynn Paulson
Danielle Pederson
Joan Pederson
Paula (Larson) Petersburg
Charles Pietscher
Donna Poesch
Pennie Pries
Karen (Oltrogge) Rohde
Steven Schaver
June (Peters) Schmidt
Jon Schroeder
Marcia (Kreager) Schroeder
Douglas Sedlacek
William Shalley
Kathryn Shew-Felchle
Scott Sorenson
Craig Spilde
Jeanette (Nelson) Spilde
Michael Stark
Mary (Edwards) Steinberg
Lynn (Marshall) Stoerzinger
Randy Teymer
Elizabeth (Penrod) Thompson
Luther Thoresen
Susan Tjornehoj
Gail (Gulstrand) Torgerson
Lyle Torgerson
Aili (Swantz) Tripp
Warren Tripp
Jane (Stearns) Upmeyer
Steven Upmeyer
Mark Vaaler
Barbara (Thompson) Van Slyke
Neil Van Slyke
Jeffrey Vilen
Roger Wall
Steven Weller
Ann (Olson) Wendling
Rebecca (Zetterberg) White
James Whitford Holey
Jeffrey Wild
Christine Wollan
Kristen (Smith) Zahn

Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If an error has been made, please accept our apology and contact the Luther Development Office at 800-225-8664, or email [email protected]. (†deceased)