Class of 1970 Spring 2018 Letter

Spring 2018

Dear Classmate,

Carolyn remembering 1968: 

·         One phone in the hallway – we took turns using it to call home or talk to friends

·         One TV in the lounge area of Brandt and Women’s Tower Dorms

·         One clock by the bed – didn’t even have a radio (in my room)

·         One record player and reel-to-reel tape player (in Bill’s room)

Looking back, I now realize how little I knew about world events in 1968. It’s only now as I tour museums, read books, and see documentaries that I can better understand the tumultuous nature of the 60’s. I was so involved in daily classes, studying, singing in choir, and trying to make my way through the challenges of college life, that it was hard to stay informed about what was happening in our country.

50 years later, we have so many ways to know what is happening every instant, everywhere in the world. And then there are so many people explaining what is happening from their differing viewpoints that it becomes overwhelming. Even with multiple means of communication, it feels like it’s more difficult to develop meaningful relationships with people.  That’s when I cherish the days of just talking with the girls on my floor in the dorm, going out together for an ice cream cone, or a walk across campus with friends – without everyone looking down at their phones every few minutes. 

I must admit I do enjoy the ability to text and post on Facebook and FaceTime with children and grandchildren, but I also enjoy getting together with friends over lunch and quilting with the ladies at my church where there are lively conversations and sharing of memories.

As alumni of Luther College, we have many opportunities to continue to connect with each other and with the students at Luther. There are tours ( and Alumni events ( organized for us. 

TheLuther Magazine always contains a wealth of information about all the interesting things our alumni have been doing. One article caught my eye. It was about Lorraine (Carter) Borowski who is now the mayor of Decorah. She was the leader of my folk mission team and asked Bill to substitute for our guitar players during Interim of 1968. That began our 50-year journey together! So, you never know what you may learn about the people that we knew for such a short time a long time ago.

We invite you to share your memories and stories with us and we will pass them on to our classmates through this newsletter.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Bill and Carolyn Kobler
1970 Class Agents
6729 Millbrook Drive
Rockford, IL 61108-4310
[email protected]


Lee Kidd lives in London, England. He received a Mansfield College bachelor of the arts degree from Oxford University. He is a senior associate at the Royal Society of Medicine and a psychoanalytic psychotherapist for the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy.


Joan C. (Biondahl) Jenkins of Sioux City, Iowa, died Sept. 4, 2017, age 69.

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