Class of 1967 Spring 2017 Letter

Spring 2017

Dear Classmate,

For the last couple of years, a former student and I have been leading a community effort to create a historical and cultural museum celebrating the heritage of the small town in which I live—Edgewood, Iowa. I have been thinking a lot about the past over that time, as we have been collecting and cataloging artifacts and documents. As in my working career, I’ve truly made a lot of use of the Luther liberal arts tradition that I was a part of while in college. Such fun to make discoveries and connections from old times!

In the course of our digging, we came across a 125-year-old accounts ledger from a doctor’s office, and I found an entry for a house call at the home of one Jas. Adams on the 2nd of November, 1893. That was for the doctor delivering my maternal grandmother, and the bill was $10! Building a museum is very interesting, and has many side benefits. Among other things, it has given me a new respect for and renewed interest in honoring the past.

It’s early March as I write this, and I just returned from Arizona where fortunate circumstances allowed my son, Adrian ’99, and me to honor the past with participation in the Twelfth Annual Kent Finanger '54 Golf Classic, honoring the longtime coach, mentor, and faculty member. A board that I serve on held a strategic planning retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona, earlier in the week, so I was able to extend a couple of days and participate in the event. It was enjoyable to reconnect with Coach Kent, who is slowing down at 85, but is much the same as we remember him. Participants heard about the history, current status, and future of Norse athletics from the athletic director and the track and football coaches. Coming soon to the campus—a new surface for the football stadium, in Norse Blue, of course!

Also, keeping the past and the future in the present—in a scant few months, many of us will gather in Decorah for the 50-year anniversary of the Luther Class of 1967. That just can’t be! But it is, and it’s worthy of the grand celebration the reunion committee is planning. By now, those looking forward to a trip to Luther in October have started to make plans, and are anticipating a great time with old friends and acquaintances, keeping our unique history alive. We sincerely hope that everyone capable of travel will consider a return to Luther. It will be well worth the trip! Homecoming 2017 is October 6-8.

In keeping with tradition, the Class of ’67, as you likely know from recent contact from classmates, is building a fund in honor of our fifty-year anniversary to benefit Luther College students. Thinking back on all Luther has meant to us, this is a most appropriate thing to do at this time in our lives. I urge you to find it in your heart to do what you can to support the effort to honor our beloved Luther and our Class of ’67.

Best wishes to all. I hope to see you in October!

Art Johnson
[email protected]

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This list includes all gifts received January 1, 2016, to December 31, 2016. Making a gift each and every year is an investment in the lives of Luther students and a show of support for the Luther College community. Thank you for your support of Luther College through your giving.

Lilah (Estrem) Aas
Rodger Ashman
Howard Barlow
John Benson
Ann (Gulsvig) Bergstad
Carol Birkland
Louann (Peterson) Bjorlo
Rosanne Bliss
Julie (Seegmiller) Braaten
Carol (Denbrook) Buesgens
Marianne Christianson
Ann (Halweg) Coplen
John Cutting
Larry Danielson
Jane (Dolven) D'Cunha
Judy (Snell) Deines
Ruth (Nelson) Delgehausen
Howard Deters
Julie (Hovick) DeWees
Maribeth (Jones) Doan
Barbara (Erickson) Dodd
Daniel Dodd
William Emstad
Philip Estrem
Timothy Fleming
Daniel Forde
Kathy (Robinson) Granata
Karen (Knutson) Gross
Linda (Johnson) Haerter
Dale Halverson
Arthur Hefte
Ellen (Bonack) Highum
Lowell Himle
Wayne Homstad
Carol (Wakild) Hosmann
Suzanne (Williams) Howard
Arthur Johnson
Charles Jones
Jeanette (Baja) Jones
Karen (Erickson) Kaseman
Linda (Gieseke) Kemp
Diane (Schultz) Kinneberg
Areno Kirkendoll
Karl Kjeldsen
Kristine Kvale
John Lee
John Lehman
Karen (Porter) Long
William Long
James Magelssen
Dale Main
Edward Marsh
Robert Melcher
Glenn Nyre
James Olia
Dan Olson
David Olson
Jendean (Hegg) Olson
George Orness
Yvonne (Nelson) Osheim
Lynne (Chase) Paulson
Michaele Peters Benn
Roy Prigge
Terry (Thiele) Rasmussen
Mark Reinsmoen
Curtis Ritland
Beverly (Bousselot) Robeck
Eileen (Olsen) Ronning
Henry Seibert
Thomas Severson
Jeanne Shank
Susan (Thorsen) Sletten
Gary Solberg
Janet (Swanson) Solberg
Donna (Johnson) Sonnek
John Stalbaum
Jo (Kurtz) Stensaas
Cathine (Woolery) Sticht
Eileen (Tallman) Summers
Philip Svanoe
Henry Syverson
Gregory Totel
Grant Trask
Oscar Twedt
LaVonne (Forland) Welch
Jeanne (Engler) Zaske
Robert Zaske

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