Class of 1958 Spring 2018 Letter

Spring 2018


2018 has arrived! The 60th anniversary of our class will be on October 27, 2018. Yes, Homecoming Weekend has been moved back for this year. More info will be coming about this important occasion and I am sure you have it on your calendar! We will meet for a reception and luncheon on that day in the Mott-Borlaug rooms in Dahl Centennial Union. We will need a moderator for the program so keep that in mind.

Reflecting on this past week’s very sad occurrence, we certainly do send our prayers to families in Florida affected by the recent shooting. This does affect us all wherever we live.  We need to be aware of ways we can help all people. Luther is listed as a Place of Welcome. "Founded in 1861 by Norwegian immigrants, Luther values its heritage, just as it values the diversity of its students, staff and faculty who hail from many faith grounds and heritages."   

In the Pioneer from 1922 (my father's), there is a picture of the Martin Luther statue on campus. Underneath is the quotation, "Here I stand, I cannot do otherwise. God help me. Amen."

Join Luther's Loyalty Society which recognizes donors who have made gifts of any level for three or more consecutive years, visit to donate today or use the enclosed reusable envelope.

A new fund this year is the Choir Robe Fund. The Luther choirs have worn the same velvet robes for many years and it is Luther's hope to have choirs in new robes by Christmas at Luther 2018. Support the Robe Fund:

Another fund: Diversity Center Book Fund: Students often need extra funds to continue at Luther and one area is covering textbook costs (

The Alumni Ambassador Program is designed to connect Luther alumni with prospective students. Every student you refer to Luther will receive a $1,000 scholarship in your name for four years, if they decide to enroll at Luther. There is an insert in the latest Luther Magazine for this project. To learn more visit

When you read the Luther Magazine and website, you find out interesting facts. Luther's student body this year is 2,337 - 71% non-resident - 29% in state - female, 55% - male, 45%.Check out the Luther Magazine for more on these subjects: 1) Luther educates pre-professional students and those in every other area of study with the goal of helping them grow as whole people."  2) In August Luther welcomed Lisa Scott, Luther's first dean of institutional equity and inclusion. Her remarks are very insightful: "How do we intentionally encourage and intentionally engage with those who see the world differently from ourselves?"

Decorah events: Oneota Film Festival - April 19-22. Nordic Fest - July 26-28.

This summer will be the first Dorian Choral Retreat (for adults). It will be held June 29-July 1, 2018 and directed by Dr. Andrew Last '97.

The Luther College Symphony Orchestra played in Eau Claire in February. What a wonderful experience for all and a terrific representative for Luther. We hosted a clarinetist & violist overnight!

Please send in and bring memories to the reunion from now and past years. Roger and I are really getting ready for Saturday, October 27, 2018. We are scheduled to be characters in a community play in March. Guess what it is named? YUP!  "CLASS REUNION."

Soli Deo Gloria,

Marilyn (Sorlien) Skatrud
1958 Class Agent
2108 Concord Trail
Eau Claire, WI 54703
[email protected]


Kenneth J. Anderson of Charlotte, N.C., died Aug. 31, 2017, age 85.

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