Class of 1955 Spring 2019 Letter

Spring 2019

Dear 1955 Classmates,

Well, by the time you receive this letter spring will have arrived. I hope that if you spent winter in the Upper Midwest you managed to deal with the Polar Vortex in January. Mary and I left for Arizona just before it arrived. People from the Midwest who winter down here (also known as “Snowbirds”) were congratulating themselves on having missed that blast but complained about the snow on New Years Day and several nights of below 32 degrees.

In following campus news, I am prompted to reflect on how much has changed since our time there. Back then the big January event other than first semester finals was bidding Nordic members farewell as they boarded buses for the annual tour. Now students take a single course in January either on campus or off, including internationally. Back then catering to elementary and secondary students was not even a thought. And Summer School was for college students. Now the Oneota Film Festival is sponsoring the first annual Iowa Student Film Festival, on campus, for youth from age 11 and up. And summer months are busy with activities for elementary and secondary students. And once again, the Dorian Choral Retreat for Adults on July 28-30 beckons alumni who still like to gather and sing. Back then, sports were completely male oriented. Now there are an array of women's teams and many are very successful. Back then, there were very few students of color whether U.S. or international; most students were Lutheran. This year the College is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Black Student Union, and there is a large international presence with many different faiths represented. And back then, the student body numbered less than 1,000; now it is over 2,000. Still, there are at least two constants. One is that people still greet others as they pass. The other is that the emphasis on linking faith with learning and vocation is still strong.

Over the holidays I heard from a few classmates. Dave Borreson and Janice keep busy in Bloomfield, Colo. and beyond – gardening, quilting and sewing, singing in a church choir, and raising a Schnauzer puppy, Fitzgerald (Fitzy), to go with the old Gatsby. Travels took them to Hawaii, on a train ride to Yellowstone, on four RV campouts, to Frontier Days in Cheyenne Wyo., and on the usual elk hunt. Christmas holidays were spent in South Carolina and Georgia. This year they plan on visiting Peru and Ecuador, and next year they hope to see the historic Passion Play in Germany. Janet (Campbell) and Ted Tweed are still active in and about Waunakee, Wis. Janet continues to direct the Community Band and is involved in a church circle, makes lefse, and is diligent about her exercise class. Ted plays in a Methodist church brass band, is secretary of the local Lions Club, is active in a fellowship group at Bethel Lutheran in Madison, and once again played the euphonium at the Tuba Christmas Concert at the State Capital, an event founded and coordinated by son, Steve. Kathy (Sanger) Larson had the misfortune in 2018 to slip on ice and break a leg. She finally left her lake home and moved to a retirement community in Naperville, Ill. She misses her old connections but has developed new ones, joined a nearby small Lutheran church, and is happy with the park-like setting where she lives with a pond and water birds visible from her apartment. She invites people to visit if in the area.

As for me, the year has been spent working on family history, recording memorable events in my life for survivors to read and ponder, doing estate planning, looking to downsize, doing puzzles, reading, and trying to stay healthy. The workshop and construction hobby crafts are fewer. Exercise more important. In March, Mary and I hosted a Luther reunion in the Tucson area. In July we will host the 7th annual “Luther Comes to the Heartland” in Park Rapids, Minn. Come if you are in the area.

It is to be noted again that President Paul Carlson is retiring this summer. Many things have been achieved during her presidency during a difficult time for small colleges. Most notable is the completion of a very forward looking strategic plan. Mary and I will miss her, as will many. We have known her since 2004 at the University of Dubuque, when we spent a few years at that place as Special Assistants to the President and where she was a faculty member and Associate Academic Dean.

I have received no further notices of the deaths of classmates but the Development Office staff will add them to this letter if any. You may also access obituaries from our class and others by going if you have interest and time.

Once again, I note that our class remains in a strong position in terms of the number making annual gifts to the College. Do keep sending gifts of any amount as you are able. This is especially necessary in these challenging times.

Finally, please send along information about yourself and/or other classmates. I am always happy to receive these items and will include them in the next letter which will be next fall. It provides one way of staying connected as the years go by.

Have a Blessed Easter.

Carlyle Haaland
12118 County 80,
Nevis, MN 56467
[email protected]

1105 S. Alpine Circle
Green Valley, AZ 85614


John Thomas Bond of Ft. Myers, Fla., died Sept. 13, 2018, age 85.

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