Class of 1955 Spring 2018 Letter

Spring 2018

Dear 1955 Classmate:

It has been an unusual winter in much of the country. In late January, after annual physicals and getting tax work done, we set out for Arizona. It had been very cold in Northern Minnesota so we were happy to leave. The weather on the way was fine until we got to Arizona where it started to rain. Then during our first month here, there were seven straight days of rain, some of it very heavy which can cause flash floods due to the soil density (that is, water doesn’t soak in; it just runs off). There have also been several nights when temperatures hovered around 32 degrees and with frost, and many cool days making the swimming pools rather unattractive. Feeling sorry for ourselves, we soon felt fortunate to have escaped the February snow, ice, and rain that covered many states. So, all in all, Arizona is a good place in which to spend some of the winter.

The other day I decided to study in detail the College’s website. There is a great deal of information available. I encourage you to visit You will find information on events, tours, and classmates who have passed away. You can update your personal information, look at the Luther Magazine, search for a friend, and much more. You can scroll around and catch up on music, lectures, sports, and happenings in academic and student life.  There is so much more going on than in our day, and it is enjoyable to take note of it.

Another website you might visit is which shows how alumni can recommend high school students who would benefit from a Luther education.

Over the holidays I heard from a few classmates. Dave Borreson and Jan still live in Bloomfield, Colo. They enjoyed a trip to California to visit the Queen Mary liner and Catalina Island, a trip to Europe for a Rhine River cruise, RV trips to Wyoming and Nebraska, and a trip to the Rose Bowl. Skiing has now ended but elk hunting continues, though without success last fall. Dave continues to sing in the church choir. Jan has retired after 32 years of hospital service.

Kathy (Sanger) Larson continues life in Lanark, Ill. She notes that she is in good health and that her church is now the center of her social life. Last summer her three grandchildren (triplets) attended Luther’s summer youth Dorian Music Camp, and she was able to attend the closing concert. She pronounced it “a great opportunity for young ones.”

Ron and Connie (Mosby) Larson continue to live in Mikana, Wis. In December they made their annual pilgrimage to Decorah for the Christmas at Luther performance taking some family members with who pronounced it a wonderful event. Mary and I also attended, taking along our daughter for the first time. She had the same reaction – marvelous.

Norma (Wahlstrom) Lionberger lives in Altoona, Wis. where she resides in a senior apartment independent living facility, enjoying the life there and the security. She stays active in her church, especially in the area of music, conducting hand bells and singing in several choral

groups. She says she has been pleased to see theChristmas at Luther performances on the computer and broadcast on Wisconsin Public Television.

Ted and Janet (Campbell) Tweed remain active in Waunakee, Wis. Jan is still close to the Community Band which she founded several years ago, and Ted, among other things once again was part of the mass Tuba Christmas at the State Capitol.

I’d very much like to hear from others in the class. Classmates say that they enjoy reading about other members. If you don’t do email, send a note about yourself or another classmate by regular mail. It need not be long.

Happy is the person who does not have to pass along bad news. So, I am happy to report that as this letter is being written I have received no notices of deaths of classmates. I hope that all of you are in good health even as age creeps along, and are enjoying good and fulfilling days.

I don’t need to remind you that there is never a time not to send a gift to Luther, the place that did so much for us. It is always rewarding to see our class listed among the leaders in the percent of classmates making annual gifts. Thank you very much. I know Luther is grateful, too. You can make a gift today by using the attached form and the reusable envelope or by visiting

Lastly, have a blessed Easter; a renewal of body, mind, and spirit in the spring; and an active and pleasant summer.


C. Carlyle Haaland
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