Class of 1951 Spring 2019 Letter

Spring 2019 

Greetings to 1951 Graduates of Luther, 

I begin my letter with a quote from a letter sent to me from Jim Jermier, Vice President for Development. “Student scholarship support remains one of the most important, and ever-present, institutional needs at Luther, and we are extremely grateful for your generous investment in our students...most of whom could not otherwise afford to be here.” Elizabeth Johnson, a senior in nursing from Spring Grove, Minn., is the recipient of our 1951 class scholarship. She is among the 1,100 students who received donor-funded scholarships that totaled $6 million. Elizabeth sent a personal letter of thanks saying she came to Luther because of the excellence of the nursing program. I have not received the report of how much her scholarship is for this 2018-2019 year and how much remains in our fund. Thank you to all who contributed.

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