Connect Your Course to Third-Party Content

Many web-based teaching and learning tools can be integrated with KATIE via a method called Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). You can connect these tools to your KATIE course with the External tool activity. If you need assistance, contact KATIE Support at [email protected]

External Tools Available in KATIE

  • Chalk&Wire
  • Google Assignment
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Macmillan Achieve
  • McGraw Hill Connect
  • Sage Vantage
  • VoiceThread

How to Request a New Tool for KATIE

Contact your publisher representative and ask if they have LTI options available that integrate with Moodle. Then contact KATIE Support to begin the integration process.

Please note:

  • All third-party tools must pass a security review before installation. 
  • KATIE Support can provide initial setup and troubleshooting help but only the publisher can assist with configuring and troubleshooting the content on the publisher’s platform.