Record and Share Your Lectures

Before you begin...

  • The size limit for files uploaded to KATIE is currently 100 MB. Most video and PowerPoint lectures will be too large to add to KATIE directly. Example: one 15 minute video tutorial made for this site using the Microsoft Game Bar was 695 MB.
  • Does that mean I can't share my PowerPoints or videos with my students???
    No! You can still share those files, you will just add them to Google Drive or YouTube and then add them to KATIE as a link, instead.
  • Benefits of sharing links from Google Drive:
    • Recommended for sensitive content.
    • Your students will be able to view the video in their web browsers. No need to download the file!
    • Manage permissions just like other files in your Google Drive.
  • Benefits of YouTube:
    • YouTube automatically captions your videos, making them accessible for your students.
    • You can make the video available to the public, or private to your class by changing the privacy settings to “Unlisted” and adding the link to your KATIE site.
  • Remember that the best practice is to keep your online lecture videos under 10 minutes.
    • Divide your lecture into sections and record them separately. Use natural break points in the material.

Options for Lecture Capture

Record your lecture and/or screen capture using Google Hangouts Meet

Record your voice over a PowerPoint

Record your lecture or presentation using VoiceThread
VoiceThread lets you connect with students online asynchronously, making it easy for them to stay involved in coursework without being physically present at a certain time or place, and without sacrificing that human element of face-to-face interaction. (Introductory Tutorial)

Record screen captures using built-in software on your PC or Mac.

Record quick videos (<5 minutes) using the Screencastify browser extension in Chrome

Capture your lecture on video in a classroom or the One-Button Studio