Configuring a Points-Based Gradebook in KATIE


Before you begin:

  • Start with your syllabus. Do you have categories to create? Which items will be turned in through KATIE and which will be completed in a different way?
  • What are the total points possible in your gradebook?
  • How many points will individual assessments be worth? Remember: the KATIE gradebook can calculate points.

To set up your gradebook:

  • On your main course page, go to the Gear icon and choose Gradebook setup.
  • If you have already added activities that have points associated with them, you will see those items here.
  • If there are items that you do not want to count toward the grade in your gradebook, click the tickbox in the Weights column and set the weight to 0.
  • To create your categories, like Papers or Quizzes, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Add category button.
    • The total points for the category will populate as you add your individual assessments to the category.
  • To add graded items that will not be turned in using KATIE, click the Add grade item button, create a Name, set the total number of points that the item is worth, and, if it goes in a category, choose that category from the Grade category dropdown menu.
  • If your students will be turning in graded items using the Assignment module, create those assignments on the main course page. In the Grade section, select the Grade category if you have created categories in your setup.
  • You can duplicate items like Assignments, Forums, and Quizzes on the main course page.
    • Set up your first paper, quiz, or forum without assigning any due dates.
    • On the main course page, click the Edit button and choose Duplicate.
    • Click the pencil next to the name to rename the item.
    • Once you have created all of your duplicates, go in and enable due dates, open and close dates, and other item-specific information.