Manage Course Grades with the KATIE Gradebook

Setting up your KATIE Gradebook:

Things to consider:

  • What categories (such as quizzes, exams, daily work) need to be included?
  • Will the categories be weighted, and if so, how?

Faculty generally think about grades in two different ways. See the resource that best matches how you structure and assign grades in your course. If you use both strategies, start with the points-based tutorial.

  • I use points - each assignment is worth a certain number of points, which determines how it contributes to the course total.
  • I use percentages - assignments and categories are worth a certain percentage of the final grade. Individual assessments may be graded by points or with letter grades.

Important notes:

  • By default, the gradebook does not include empty grades in calculations. If a student did not turn in an assignment, you must enter a "0" for that item.
  • The KATIE gradebook only understands points. You cannot enter letter grades, check/plus/minus, credit/no-credit, and have it aggregate into the course total.