Create Google Assignments in KATIE

Google Assignments

An alternative to the Assignment activity that allows students to submit Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and other files from Drive. Copies of student submissions will be saved in Google Drive folders that are accessible by students and instructors. Easily control access to assignment versions and grade in Google using the Google interface; grades are automatically added to your KATIE gradebook. Grade at your own pace and release grades for the entire class at once.

What is Google Assignment? How does it work?

Instructions - How to Add a Google Assignment Activity

  1. Turn editing on in your KATIE course.
  2. In a topic, click Add an activity or resource
  3. Choose External Tool from the list and click Add
  4. In the Preconfigured tool list, choose Google Assignment LTI (note: don't name the activity yet)
  5. Click the Select content button.
  6. You may be prompted to link your Norse Apps account. Select Continue to authorize the link.
    Be sure you choose your email address. Personal Gmail accounts will not work with Google Assignments.
  7. The Google Assignment setup page will open in a new window. Fill in the following details:
    1. Total points the assignment is worth
    2. Due date
  8. (optional) You may also attach a file from your Google Drive that can serve as a template file, like a worksheet or data set. Once students open the Google Assignment, they will each receive their own copy of anything that you attach.
  9. Confirm the assignment details and click Create
  10. The setup window will close and you will return to the KATIE settings page from step 4.
  11. Give your assignment a name.
  12. [optional] Expand the Grade section to adjust how the activity will appear in the KATIE gradebook.
    1. Don't want the assignment to show up in your KATIE gradebook? Change the Type drop-down to None.
    2. Want to customize the assignment for your gradebook? Change the Maximum grade and/or choose an existing Grade category. Note: the Maximum grade does not have to match the point total that you entered in step 7.2. If they are different, the points will scale to match the KATIE max grade. Ex: 9/10 in the Google Assignment becomes 45/50 in the KATIE gradebook.
  13. Scroll to the bottom to Save.

Instructions for Students Submitting Google Assignments

Direct students to the Google documentation or write your own instructions using it as a source.

Instructions - How to Grade Submitted Google Assignments

  1. On your course page, click on the Google Assignment to see the total submissions.
  2. Click the Open in Assignments button to begin grading.
  3. Click on a student name to grade a particular submission.
  4. In the toolbar on the right, you will see a list of the files the student submitted, an icon to click to enter grades and overall feedback, and a comment bank where you can save comments that you frequently use.
  5. Comment on the student's submission using the comment function in Google, enter Overall feedback in the text box in the panel on the right, and enter a grade in the Grade box.
  6. Continue to grade student submissions.
  7. When you are ready to release the grades and feedback to students, click Return to notify the students that their submissions have been graded.


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