Create Assignments in KATIE

To create an assignment in KATIE:

  • Go to the Gear icon and Turn editing on.
  • In your topic, click Add an activity or resource, choose Assignment, and click Add.
  • Add the Name that will appear on the course page.
  • Add instructions and requirements in the Description field.
  • Add Additional files, like templates, instructions, or rubrics. (optional)
  • Click the Enable box and set the Due date. Note that time is in 24-hr time. (optional)
  •  Submission types:
    • Online text: creates a textbox that students will type into and submit.
    • File submission: students will upload and submit a file.
      • Set the number of files.
      • You can also specify a specific file type. Click Browse to select.
  • Feedback types:
    • Feedback comments: a text box that you can type comments into. Students will see this in the assignment module and in the gradebook.
    • Annotate PDF: the student's file is turned into a PDF that you will view and read within KATIE. You can add annotations and comments to the file, which is saved for the student.
    • Feedback files: you can upload a file for the student, like a Word file with comments that you have added.
  • Grade:
    • Set the number of points the assignment is worth.
  • Click Save and return to course.

To change the due date or allow another attempt for a student, add a User Override.

Ready to grade? See how to grade submitted files in KATIE.