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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I get Microsoft Office on my personally-owned computer?
Luther faculty, staff, and students can use Office 365 ProPlus at no cost on their personally-owned computers (up to 5 activations) while at Luther. To access the software, visit Those who want to download the software for offline use need to contact the Technology Help Desk. If you would like your students to be able to download the software, please provide a list that contains their first name, last name, and Luther email address.

How can I use the Adobe CC Suite on my personally-owned computer?
Luther faculty and staff can use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite on up to two 2 devices simultaneously, including personal devices. For more information on the software, visit

What other resources are there to use in my classes?
LinkedIn Learning is an online course website offering video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills. Visit and sign in with your Norse Key username and password to view available content and learn how to create playlists for your students.
You may also want to contact your textbook vendor to see what online materials they have readily available.

How do I access on-campus materials from home?
A number of services (like shared network drives or Colleague) are only available on campus, but there are several ways of using these services as though your computer were on campus. For information on these options, visit

How can I get my phone messages from home?
For information on call forwarding, recording greetings, and checking messages, visit You could also request the ability to have voicemail messages forwarded to you via email through a service called desktop messaging (visit

How can my students access software used in my classes?
Please contact Diane Gossman ([email protected]) with your specific concern.

How will my students access library materials from a distance?
Electronic resources provided by Preus Library, including article databases and ebooks, are configured to allow off-campus access for students, faculty, and staff.  Links to resources from the library's website and catalog will automatically prompt off-campus users to log in with their Norse Key to our proxy server, and redirect them to the desired resource. In most cases, recommending that students begin their research from the library website ( will be the simplest way to ensure off-campus users can gain access.

Students should fill out an interlibrary loan request ( for required materials not available electronically, including print materials in the Preus Library collection. While there may be some practical limitations on access to materials, Library staff will make efforts to connect students with the resources they need to complete research assignments through scanning and/or alternate delivery options. 

What do I do if I plan to use film in my classroom?
Preus Library will purchase streaming licenses for course-related films, but this may not be available for every title. For Kanopy films, faculty should fill out the request form at least two days before their students need access to the film. For films not available through Kanopy, please contact Freeda Brook ([email protected]) to identify other options.

How can students submit assignments electronically rather than on paper?
As you think about the format for written materials, including assignments, we encourage you to think in terms of electronic rather than printed materials as much as possible. Rather than printing an assignment, save the file as a PDF and then upload the file to KATIE or send it as an email attachment. For Windows, select "Print" from any application, change the printer to "Save as PDF" and choose a name for your file. Here are the steps for Mac.