April 2021

The page features CELT Notes sent to Luther faculty members during the academic year 2020 - 2021.


30. April 2021


Good afternoon.


Well friends, it took to the end of week 12, but I'm finally caught up. Just in time. One week left of classes of this incredibly difficult but surprisingly rewarding year. 

This weekend I'm writing my final exams, which prompted me to send along this quick CELT Notes. 


Covid Vaccines, Finals, and Flexibility

An informal poll this week told me that I have almost a quarter of my students getting their second vaccine dose the weekend before finals. If you have had your second dose of either the Moderna or the Pfizer vaccine, you know that it is hitting everyone a bit differently. Taking this into account, I've decided to run my final like I did last year. It's a Katie quiz, I'm putting a two-hour time limit on the exam, but leaving it open for a full 24 hours. My hope is this little nod towards flexibility will mean that the students can choose to take the exam when they are at their best selves. If you can schedule some flexibility into your own finals week, I'm sure that students will appreciate it. As always, feel free to reach out if you have questions or would like to bounce some ideas off of us. 


Summer 2021 CELT Programming. 

Our summer schedule will be live next week - but there is still time to weigh in on what kind of programming you would like to see. Here is a very short survey!


Here's to sunshine and finishing this semester strong!



15. April 2021


Good morning all,


I'm sitting here at my desk getting my notes gathered for class this afternoon, and feeling very unsettled.


One eye is on the present -- as I'm working to get my students successfully to the end of this difficult academic year AND my advisees set up for success in their fall semester courses.


The other eye is on the future - planning our summer Course Redesign Workshop and workshop series, new faculty programming for Fall 2021, and trying to imagine what CELT can be in a time when we are free to gather once again. 


But my mind is on the words of the Rev. Dr. Guy Nave who spoke truth this morning in Chapel. If you missed it, I urge you to watch the recording on the Luther College YouTube channel. There is so much work to be done...


Access, Equity, and $$$ - Apply for Funding to Support the Adoption, Application, or Creation of Open Educational Resources 

Do you want to receive grant funding to help address high textbook costs for your students? Check out this very short video from the Library, read about the grant opportunity, or contact Freeda Brook ([email protected]) or Holly White ([email protected]) to find out more.

Note from Kate: I threw out my textbook this semester and am using all OERs as an experiment. There are a lot of  things I love -- and I'm really looking forward to hearing what the students say on my end of the semester evaluations. But  the greatest frustration is that I had to completely rewrite my test bank, as I had been using a publisher generated resource. I am applying for one of these IPAL grants to support the creation of NEW support materials for my Survey of Art History course. 

Book Groups for the Summer  - Registration Information Forthcoming

You've asked, we've listened. Faculty have asked for additional training in facilitating difficult race discussions in the classroom. This new book by Kite, Case, and Williams is a first step. 

Navigating the Difficult Moments in Teaching Diversity and Social Justice Mary Kite, Kim Case, and Wendy Williams (Faculty)  

Me and White Supremacy, Layla Saad Working Group (Round 3) (Faculty and Staff) 


Interest Survey

Finally, what would you like to learn about this summer? We have a robust series of workshops in development and would like to add your ideas. Please fill out this very short survey and tell us what you would like to see this summer and fall. 


That's it for today. If I have any advice to give today, it is to make space and to give grace.