April 2022

22. April 2022


Happy rainy morning on this Friday that brings Week 12 to a close! 


We will have a more robust CELT Notes next Monday as we start to wrap up our Spring 2022 classes but I wanted to send along a reminder and a quick, personal note about the Curriculum conversations from my CELT desk. 


Sabbatical Launch Social Hour - Today 4 to 6 pm CELT (Valders 240) 


We are starting a new tradition in an effort to collectively highlight and celebrate the very good work faculty do every day in our research. We plan to send successful sabbatical recipients off with a hurrah and toast, and welcome back sabbatical faculty with an informal dinner. 


This afternoon CELT is hosting an informal social hour from 4 to 6 to launch our colleagues into their sabbatical years. There is no program - just a chance to informally talk more about our colleagues' plans for their upcoming research. 


One of the common themes we found in the results of the CUTE Faculty climate survey that we issued last fall is that many of us are feeling a sense of isolation and a feeling that faculty from outside our home departments don't really know what we do. I have plans to start addressing that next academic year, but coming to this informal event and chatting with your colleagues about how the plan to spend their sabbatical research time is a fantastic step towards building that community again. 


Pop by CELT this afternoon from 4 to 6 -- have a beer, a glass of wine, or a cup of tea and a snack and some conversation. All are welcome! 


Last thoughts on the curriculum from CELT


I want to add my thanks and appreciation to the Curriculum Committee and all the work they have put into the model we have currently in front of us.


Listening intently in full faculty and divisions, I've been impressed with how seriously everyone is taking these discussions. The curriculum is the purview of the faculty and you all are rising to the challenge. 


I'm also hearing fear and anxiety surrounding implementation or worries that this model isn't fleshed out enough or doesn't go into enough detail. If I'm reading these comments correctly, I think that many of us are worried about how we are going to define these literacies - what kinds of classes or experiences might count - and how our majors will be impacted.


So -- in this moment -- I want to remind everyone that that very important work comes next - after we have voted on a framework. 


Once we pass a framework - we can then start working on the Learning Outcomes for each of the Literacies. We'll work on defining what those outcomes are for Experiential Learning, for a "Culture" class, for a Wellness experience. etc. 


Once those learning outcomes are established, then we can do the exciting, generative work of creating high-impact, creative, rigorous 21st century courses that meet those learning outcomes. 


Course design (or redesign) is also our purview and the place where we excel.  But we need to redesign to a purpose -- and that purpose is designing towards meeting the learning outcomes for the a new curriculum that fits our vision for the future of Luther College. 


We have an awesome chance to update our collective courses to not only fit a new curriculum, but meet the needs of ALL of our students, help retention, move our equity work along, maintain our rigorous curriculum, whatever your worry is at this moment. 


The last time we did this -- we didn't have CELT to help guide the process - but we do now. 


That's all I want to say - and I'm putting on my coach hat now - we can do this, It's going to be hard, but its going to be worth it. 




19. April 2022


Good morning! 


I hope you all had a restful and/or productive long weekend. As I prepped for classes this week, I was shocked to see that we are starting Week 12. It seems possible that we might just make it. Now, if only we could get some sunshine. 

Today's CELT Notes focus on two very important upcoming events and a note about supporting our Muslim students in this holy time of Ramadan. 

CELT Workshop: What to Do in the Moment: Addressing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Justice Issues in Teaching Today!!! - Tuesday, April 19, 11 am Valders 240/242


Encountering racism, implicit bias and microaggressions in the classroom presents an opportunity for learning; however, it is challenging to address these comments in the moment. This workshop will begin with guiding principles for addressing racism in the classroom, and then discuss some case studies with an eye to building confidence to handle DEI-J Issues in the Moment.  Please register here.


This workshop will be repeated on ZOOM on Thursday, April 21 at 2:30. Please register here for Thursday's Zoom session.


1st Annual - Sabbatical Launch Party, Friday April 22 4-6 pm CELT - Valders 240-242


In order to recognize faculty research and give us another excuse to gather in community, join your colleagues for an after-work Sabbatical Launch Party this Friday from 4 to 6 pm. Enjoy some light snacks and hear a bit from your colleagues who will be going on sabbatical in the 2022-2023 academic year. There is no formal program, come and go as you please. We hope to see you there!


Support for our Muslim Students - thanks to the Council for Faith and Life (and Pastor Melissa)


Even though Ramadan is almost half over, there are still ways we can assist students during the holiest month for Muslims. Practicing Muslims are encouraged to fast from sunrise until sunset during this period, provided they are physically capable of doing so. Fasting, while it holds high religious significance, can also be difficult for students as it can lower their energy levels and ability to focus. This course, created by the NASPA Foundation, is a free, 90-minute, optional course created to inform college professors about how they can best support their Muslim students during the month of Ramadan. You can find the course here.


That's all for now. Please keep sending your summer workshop ideas my way!