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What do we do with our presentations now that we are online?

This is a very good question. I asked Derek Sweet, Professor of Communication Studies this question earlier in j-term when a pivot was looking likely. In short, Derek makes now change to his assignment for the online modality. The learning goals remain the same, and as he said "Online or f2f, good eye contact fosters a connection with the audience."

Derek's critique sheet is linked here with additional crowd-sourced presentation rubrics. What I really like about how Derek sets up his evaluation tool is that he uses it during student workshops too. Each student is given the critique sheet in advance, they are encouraged to use it to offer feedback to peers. The other thing I appreciate is that he is not assigning numbers to those catagories, as you might with a traditional rubric, but a plus, check, minus system. This might help solve the problem of student "bean counting" their point tallies on an assignment. For some of you, this might be a more effective way to grade. The checks and minus give overall feedback, you offer some constructive comments on the evaluation sheet, and then assign a letter grade to the final project.