Faculty Learning Communitites

What’s a Faculty Learning Community?

A faculty learning community is a cross-disciplinary faculty group of four or more members engaging in an active, collaborative, yearlong program with a curriculum focus on specific topics about pedagogy in higher education.  

Unlike a brown bag workshop or a one-time faculty development event, FLCs allow participants extended time to explore the topic and to develop and implement a change in pedagogy. Meeting regularly with the same group of colleagues also fosters another goal of FLCs: to create a sense of community and common purpose among the participants.

The topic-based FLC themes for 2020-2021 will be:

  1. Inclusive Excellence in the Classroom 
  2. Ungrading and Alternative Grading 

Structure and Application Process


Successful applicants will participate in a kick off meeting with CELT director, Kate Elliott in early October. During the academic year FLC members will engage in ongoing discussions with the other cohort participants to share ideas, work through challenges, and begin plans for dissemination of their work. Participants will also be asked to report back to the faculty in a CELT workshop or other venue during the spring semester. 

Each FLC carries an award of $500.00, in two installments -- the first after fall and j-term work, the second payment will be made following implementation of a change in assignment, course, or classroom environment and creation of a deliverable to be reported back to the faculty.