Research and Data Literacy

Planning ahead for Spring Term, there are many thing you can do to keep all-important research and data literacy skills in your courses.

Partner with our Librarians

  • Embed a librarian in your course.
  • Embed personalized library resources into your KATIE page.
  • Schedule a synchronous or asynchronous information literacy instruction session for your class.

To learn more about any of these options, contact your subject liaison.

Break free from the Research Paper

Consider assignments that require learning more about data literacy, evaluating sources, summarizing research, and synthesizing information -- but are not traditional research papers.

Additional examples coming...

Visual Presentation of Artist Research Report

This assignment for Kate Elliott's History of Photography course, asked students to pick a photograph from MoMA's collection that they found interesting. Then over the course of the quarter, students completed several mini-assignments (including source evaluation worksheets, paraphrasing checks, peer critique, etc.) and finally presented their research alongside their own photograph created in response to one aspect of their chosen photographer's artistic agenda, subject matter, or aesthetic. The majority of the students chose to present their research via Adobe Spark, which is free and accessible to all students.