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Nordic Studies

Nancy Gates Madsen (department head), Maren Johnson (program director)

Required for a major: 32 hours including NORST 101, 102, 201, 202, plus 16 additional credits in approved courses, 8 credits of which must be at the 300 level or above; a language immersion experience. Approved study abroad courses can be used to fulfill the requirements for the major. Writing requirement completed with NORST 345, 361, 363, FCUL 361, 363; or other approved writing courses in the Nordic Studies program. Double majors may elect to complete their senior project in another discipline.

Required for a minor: 24 hours including NORST 101, 102, 201, plus 12 additional credits in approved courses. Approved study abroad courses can be used to fulfill the requirements for the minor.

A student may not apply the same elective courses in a Nordic Studies major/minor towards a major/minor in International Studies. Students who wish to substitute a Nordic language, other than Norwegian, for the language core should consult with the Nordic studies director.

Current courses approved for the Nordic studies major/minor include:

  • ART 149
  • FCUL 185, 250, 251, 339 (Russia and Scandinavia), FCUL 339 (Peace and Reconciliation), FCUL 361
  • HIST 256, 348, 352, 485 (when topic concerns Nordic countries)
  • PAID 450 (Ethics of Sustainable Organizations), PAID 450 (Islam in Europe), PAID 450 (Nordic Environmentalism)
  • NORST 101, 102, 115, 201, 202, 250, 251, 339 (Russia and Scandinavia), NORST 339 (Peace and Reconciliation), NORST 345, 346, 348, 352, 361

Additional courses that might apply toward the Nordic studies major or minor are reviewed by the Nordic studies program director and the Nordic studies board.

Language immersion experience: For majors, a minimum of one semester of academic study in a Nordic country. For minors, a term of study abroad is strongly recommended, but not required. Program selection and other options must be approved by the department for all majors and minors prior to departure.

Language Learning Center

The department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics has a Language Learning Center in Main Building. Language students have access to computerized language learning materials, to computers with audio and video editing software, and to video study rooms where they may view prerecorded foreign language videos and DVDs or watch live international TV. The Language Learning Center also houses the department's Foreign Language Media Library with over 800 foreign language films and a selection of leisure reading books and audio books for language learners. Students can check out these materials as well as audio and video equipment for their class assignments. The Language Learning Center also provides language students with valuable work-study experiences related to their interest in languages.