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Senior Project

The senior project draws upon a discipline's methodology and provides a culminating, independent experience of the major. Because presentation and communication of finished projects are typical of a culminating experience, many senior projects will require formal writing and all senior projects will include a formal presentation. A student must complete only one senior project to satisfy the college requirement, but individual departments may require a senior project as part of the major requirement.

Procedures for senior project registration:

  1. Students will register for 490 (senior project), and in some disciplines, 491, for the semester during which they intend to complete the requirement. Students are encouraged to register for senior project in the first semester of the senior year.
  2. Students with a minimum 3.50 GPA in their major may apply to pursue a year-long senior honors project (493). Applications must be submitted to the Scholars program office by the last class day of the semester preceding the term in which the project begins. The application can be found on the Scholars program website, and requires the signatures of a faculty supervisor, the department head, the scholars program director, and the registrar. Interdisciplinary projects require the signatures of two faculty supervisors. The completed project is evaluated by a review committee consisting of the faculty supervisor, another faculty member from the major department, and a faculty member from outside the major department. All projects must be presented publicly. Only projects awarded an "A" or "A-" qualify for "department honors" designation.
  3. Extra hours charges incurred as a result of registering for the senior project will not be remitted after the fourth week of the semester.
  4. Departments will establish submission deadlines and locations.  Students are expected to comply with any additional guidelines concerning the senior project that are specified by particular departments.