Social Work Courses

SW 101 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare

4 hours

A survey course covering the development of the social welfare institution and the social work profession in the United States. Included is information on how social welfare and social work impact on diverse populations, populations at risk, and promotion of social and economic justice in our society. Content on social work values and ethics is interspersed throughout the course. (HB, E)

SW 102 Social Work Field Experience

4 hours

Full time supervised field experience as a participant-observer in a social service agency.

SW 110 Mental Health First Aid

1 hour

This course helps students recognize risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems, acquire skills to assess immediate problems, intervene to connect people with professional care, understand the prevalence of disorders and the need to reduce stigma, and understand common treatments. Students who complete the course will receive Mental Health First Aid certification. Grading will be Credit/No credit.

SW 139, 239, 339, 439 Special Topics

Credit arr.

Courses offered under this title are intended to introduce students in a formal way to the variety of issues, methods, and settings in social work practice. Topics may include: mental health, child welfare, aging, chemical dependency, and rural social work.

SW 185 First-Year Seminar

4 hours

A variety of seminars for first-year students offered each January Term.

SW 201 Fundamentals of Social Work Practice I

4 hours

An introduction to the generalist method of social work practice that includes the study of and practice of basic counseling skills. This course provides a foundation model for social work practice which is built and expanded upon in SW 301 and SW 401. Prerequisite: SW 101 or SW 102, declared social work major, or consent of instructor.

SW 204 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I

4 hours

This course focuses on theories of human behavior and the interaction between behavior and the social environment. The course develops a conceptual framework for social work practice by examining knowledge and theory related to the development of human behavior across the life span in relation to individuals' emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and cultural contexts. A life cycle approach is used to understand the experience of individuals in their environment and explore theories of human behavior and responses to life cycle challenges. Human diversity, global perspectives, and an ecosystems approach to understanding human behavior are emphasized. Prerequisite: SW 101, or consent. (HB)

SW 285/295 Directed Study

2, 4 hours

An opportunity to pursue individualized or experiential learning with a faculty member, at the sophomore level or above, either within or outside the major. SW 285 can be taken only during January Term, SW 295 can be taken during the fall, spring, or summer terms.

SW 301 Social Work Practice II

4 hours

Applies the generalist model learned in SW 201 to social work practice with families and groups. Skills for family and group work are developed through a laboratory group and an experience leading a group in the community. Prerequisites: SW 101, 102, and 201.

SW 303 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II

4 hours

This course describes how organizations, communities, society, and the natural environment impact individuals, families, and groups. A social justice lens will be used to understand the dynamic interaction among systems in the macro social environment. A key focus is on the interplay between human behavior and the physical, social and political environment. Special attention is given to global perspectives, issues of human diversity in a macro context, and self-examination in relation to ethical and human diversity issues. Prerequisite: SW 101, or consent of instructor. (HB)

SW 304 Social Welfare Policies, Programs, and Issues

4 hours

An examination of social welfare policy as a dimension of generalist social work practice. Includes a study of contemporary social welfare issues, programs, and legislation. Emphasis is placed on issues relating to how social policy impacts human diversity, populations at risk, and social and economic justice in the United States. Content on social work values and ethics is interspersed throughout the course. Prerequisites: SW 101, 102, 201 and SW 204 (which may be taken concurrently); POLS 247, or consent of the instructor. (S)

SW 305 Research Methods for Social Work

4 hours

An introduction to social work research designed to increase the generalist practitioner's ability to understand, evaluate, and utilize the research literature for practice. A wide variety of social work research methods are examined with an emphasis on doing practice research. Prerequisites: SW 101, junior standing or consent of instructor. SOC 301 may be substituted with consent. (HBSSM, R, W)

SW 395 Independent Study

1, 2, or 4 hours

SW 401 Social Work Practice III

4 hours

Application of the generalist model to working with task groups in organizations and communities and how this work impacts human diversity, populations at risk, and social and economic justice. Content on social work values and ethics is interspersed throughout the course. A knowledge base and skills for community social work will be developed. Prerequisite: SW 301, or consent of instructor.

SW 402 Field Instruction in Social Work Practice

8 hours

A (one-semester) block field placement in a human service agency with professional supervision, providing educationally directed practical experience, and supplemented by an on-campus professional seminar. Taken concurrently with SW 403. Prerequisites: all courses required for the major and consent of instructor.

SW 403 Professional Seminar

4 hours

Emphasis on integration of previous course content and the application of social work ethics, values, skills, and knowledge. Work-related issues of field placement are studied in preparation for generalist social work practice. Students give presentations to the class based upon their field learning. Taken concurrently with SW 402. Prerequisites: all courses required for the major and consent of instructor. (HBSSM)

SW 485 Seminar

Credit arr.

SW 490 Senior Project

1, 2, or 4 hours

A continuation of learning from SW 304 and 305. Students write a paper on policy analysis, or the research they have conducted, relevant to social work practice. Prerequisites: SW 304, 305.

SW 493 Senior Honors Project

4 hours

A yearlong independent research project. Applications are completed on the Honors Program form available at the registrar's office, requiring the signatures of a faculty supervisor, the department head, the honors program director, and the registrar. Interdisciplinary projects require the signatures of two faculty supervisors. The project must be completed by the due date for senior projects. The completed project is evaluated by a review committee consisting of the faculty supervisor, another faculty member from the major department, and a faculty member from outside the major department. All projects must be presented publicly. Only projects awarded an "A-" or "A" qualify for "department honors" designation. The honors project fulfills the all-college senior project requirement. (R)