Italian Courses

Language Learning Center

The department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics has a Language Learning Center in Main Building. Language students have access to computerized language learning materials, to computers with audio and video editing software, and to video study rooms where they may view prerecorded foreign language videos and DVDs or watch live international TV. The Languages Learning Center also houses the department's Foreign Language Media Library with over 800 foreign language films and a selection of leisure reading books and audio books for language learners. Students can check out these materials as well as audio and video equipment for their class assignments. The Language Learning Center also provides language students with valuable work-study experiences related to their interest in languages.

ITAL 100 Basic Italian

2 hours

A working knowledge of the Italian language will allow you to move around the country more confidently and is helpful when working on your independent research project at the end of the semester. This intensive language course offered during the first three weeks of the program includes classroom study and homework aimed at acquiring skill in conversational Italian, which you will have opportunity to practice and improve throughout the semester. Prerequisite: admission to Earth and Environment in Italy program.

ITAL 101, 102 Beginning Italian I and II

4, 4 hours

A practical approach to the Italian language, in which the student begins speaking Italian from the first day and completes the year with a basic ability to speak, write, read, and understand Italian. Prerequisite for ITAL 102: ITAL 101, or consent of instructor.

ITAL 185 First-Year Seminar

4 hours

A variety of seminars for first-year students offered each January Term.