General Studies Courses

GS 105 Luther College Symphony Orchestra Residency in Vienna

4 hours

An intensive three week January term residency in Vienna, Austria, culminating in several public performances. There will be daily rehearsals as well as lectures, museum visits, and performances focusing on Viennese history, culture, and music traditions. Study topics include the clash between Christian Europe and Islam, the Austrian Baroque, Fin desiecle Vienna, the Holocaust, and contemporary Austrian politics. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

GS 110 Critical Reading and Learning

2 hours

We become better students when we become better critical readers aiming to withhold judgment until we have considered texts or issues carefully and thoughtfully. In this course we practice critical reading strategies, including inspectional, analytical, and syntopical ways of approaching issues and texts. In this course we also review and practice best learning strategies in the context of a liberal arts curriculum.

GS 200 Lives that Matter: Vocation, Self, and Service

4 hours

This course is designed to help students connect their own gifts, talents, and vocation with the needs of the world. The course begins with an on-campus week of readings and discussion. The classes will introduce students to the major concepts of community, service, compassion, social justice, social change, leadership, and vocation. These classes will also enable students to identify their own strengths. The second week of the course will be an intensive service experience in the Twin Cities in order to allow students to address a specific need such as homelessness. During the last week, students will return to campus for further readings, discussion, and reflection in order to incorporate their service experience into an understanding of their own vocation in relation to the needs they witnessed and addressed. The final week will also introduce students to opportunities for service in the Decorah community. Additional fees will apply. Prerequisite: sophomore status.