Gregory Peterson (department head)

Required for a major: MUS 121, 122, 121L, 122L, 231, 231L, 250, 332, 332L, 341, 342, 343, 344, and 7 semesters of private lesson study in the student's major applied area. Writing requirement completed with MUS 344.

The above courses are the music major core. A sequence of courses can be arranged to allow a student to begin a major in the sophomore year.

Recital requirement: All music majors must present a half recital or its equivalent in general recital appearances.

Ensemble requirement, piano proficiency, recital attendance: All music majors must complete an ensemble requirement which may be satisfied in a variety of ways. (See music department policies booklet.) Music majors are also required to meet a piano proficiency requirement and to attend recitals as directed by departmental policy.

Transfer students: Prior to initial registration, all transfer students must make an appointment with the music department to determine the number of music credits and other requirements for the major that will be accepted for transfer. Any transfer student expecting to graduate as a music major at Luther College must complete at least 8 hours of course work in the department and at least 3 semesters of private lesson study in the student's major applied area while at Luther College.

Permission to continue major: Acceptable musical and academic progress, regularly reviewed by the music faculty, shall permit the student to continue as a major in the department.

Required for certification to teach music K–8 and 5–12: Completion of the music major, completion of the music education minor K–12, and student teaching at elementary and secondary levels. See education department for K–12 minor requirements.

Required for a minor: MUS 121, 122, 121L, 122L, either MUS 341, 344, or MUS 342 and MUS 343, four semesters of applied music study, and a minimum of two additional elective courses (totaling 4-6 credits) with at least one course from the following: MUS 231/231L, 236, 237, 247, 248, 250 (encouraged), MUS 272, 341, 342, 343, 344 (with instructor's permission), and MUS 445 but not MUS 273 or applied music. The student must also satisfy the ensemble requirement with four semesters of participation (or an approved equivalent) and fulfill the current recital attendance requirement during two of the semesters he/she is registered for private lessons.

Study plans: Upperclass students are encouraged to develop supplemental study plans with their advisors in one of the following areas: church music, instrumental performance, jazz, theory/composition or vocal/opera performance. For further information, see Recommended Study Plans in the latest edition of the music department policies.

Music Management Concentration: To complete the music management concentration a student is required to complete a major in music and a minor in management, or a major in management and a minor in music.