Ramona Nelson (department head)

The management major courses emphasize the knowledge, skills and values applicable to profit and nonprofit organizations. Students are encouraged to consult with Economics and Business department faculty, the Luther Career Center, and alumni volunteers to discover professional opportunities, design their academic plan, and arrange for business/nonprofit experiences.

Required for a major: The foundation courses, which include ECON 130; MATH 115 or MGT 150 or an equivalent statistics course; ACCTG 150; MGT 250 or 260; MATH 140 or higher. Other requirements include MGT 240, 351, 352, 353, two management electives numbered above 300, and MGT 490. Writing requirement completed with MGT 351. Students completing more than one major may elect to complete their senior project requirement in a major other than management. Students must achieve at least a C average (2.0 GPA) in the foundation courses. Courses in which grades below C- are earned will not count toward filling the foundation requirements. These foundation requirements should be completed by the end of the sophomore year. Management courses numbered above 300 are intended for students with junior standing. Students interested in the management major are expected to have adequate preparation in math. The minimum expectation is strong Algebra II skills with preparation in precalculus or beyond recommended.

The credit hours required for the management major must be earned in regular classroom courses. Credits earned through directed readings, independent study, internships and the senior project may not be counted toward the total hours required for the major.

Students planning to pursue graduate work in management studies are advised to consult a management faculty member to identify coursework in economics, accounting, mathematics, and management information systems that will strengthen their graduate application.

Students majoring in this area are urged to consider the following courses as electives: COMS 132, ENG 210, PHIL 100 and PHIL 120, SOC 101, POLS 130, PSYC 130. Students planning on graduate study should consider MATH 240, 321, and 322.

Required for a minor: ACCTG 150, MGT 240, two courses from MGT 351, 352, 353, and one management elective above 300.

Required for certification to teach: Completion of the management major, completion of the secondary education program, and student teaching at the secondary level. See education department for secondary education minor requirements.

Emphasis in Arts and Sports Management: A sports management emphasis can be combined with a management major and selected health and physical education courses in consultation with the Health/Physical Education department head. Students interested in careers in arts management will complete a major in art, dance, music or theatre and a minor in management or a major in management and a minor in art, dance, music or theatre.