David Thompson (department head), Anne-Marine Feat (section head)

Required for a major: Thirty-two hours, starting at FREN 201 or above, including FREN 344 and 345 or FREN 347, and FREN 346 or FREN 348; 460 or FREN 464; language immersion experience (followed by a 4-hour French course on campus); a senior project (unless this is completed in another major); an oral proficiency examination in French. Writing requirement completed with FREN 344. Students interested in teaching should see the education department for secondary education minor requirements.

Recommended supporting courses for students majoring in French: Two semesters of another modern or a classical language; linguistics courses, such as LING 131, 241, or 245.

Required for a minor: No fewer than 18 hours, including FREN 345 or FREN 347, and one literature course above 300; language immersion experience; an oral proficiency examination in French.

Required for a second teaching area: See education department for specific requirements. The second teaching area license is offered only in the state of Iowa.

Language immersion experience: For majors, a minimum of one semester of academic study in a country where French is an official language. For minors, at least one January Term of academic study in such a country, although a semester is strongly recommended. Those preparing to teach must spend at least one semester of academic study in such a country. Program selection and other options must be approved by the department for all majors and minors prior to departure. After having fulfilled the study-abroad requirement, all majors who are enrolled in on-campus courses for at least one semester are required to complete a 4-hour course in French. All majors and minors are strongly urged to help maintain and advance their language skills by completing courses in the language during their final semesters at Luther.

Language Learning Center

The department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics has a Language Learning Center in Main Building. Language students have access to computerized language learning materials, to computers with audio and video editing software, and to video study rooms where they may view prerecorded foreign language videos and DVDs or watch live international TV. The Languages Learning Center also houses the department's Foreign Language Media Library with over 800 foreign language films and a selection of leisure reading books and audio books for language learners. Students can check out these materials as well as audio and video equipment for their class assignments. The Language Learning Center also provides language students with valuable work-study experiences related to their interest in languages.