Africana Studies

Novian Whitsitt (department head)

Africana Studies involves a critical study of the peoples of Africa and the African diaspora throughout the United States, the Caribbean and elsewhere in the world. Africana Studies examines the histories, cultures, and literatures of African peoples within both national and international contexts. Since the subject matter of Africana Studies embraces a wide spectrum of topics and issues, the program is multidisciplinary, with its main thrusts in the social sciences and the humanities. It also provides an excellent opportunity for social science and humanities majors to gain valuable career-related insight into the African and African-American experiences.

Required for a major: AFRS 135; 147 or AFRS 251; 171 or AFRS 172; plus four additional courses in the department; and AFRS 490 senior project (unless fulfilled in another major). Writing requirement completed with AFRS/ENG/WGST 251.

Required for a minor: AFRS 135, plus four other courses in the department.