A liberal arts education in the basic sciences provides an enduring foundation for the engineering profession. Luther offers three routes to engineering:

  1. Students may enroll in preprofessional training (in physics, mathematics, chemistry, and computer science) and transfer after two or three years to an engineering school to complete a bachelor's degree in engineering.
  2. Students may participate in a "dual-degree" plan by attending Luther for approximately three years and two additional years at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis or Washington University in St. Louis, earning a B.A. degree from Luther and a B.S. in an area of engineering from the university.
  3. A number of students with strong majors in physics or chemistry have proceeded to graduate study after receiving the B.A. from Luther, and have earned M.S. or Ph.D degrees in engineering fields. Students interested in the engineering fields should contact James Perez in the physics department.