A student must be in good academic standing with the college, have a grade point average of not less than 2.50, have completed three semesters of college-level study at the time of the proposed study, and must obtain the approval of his or her advisor, the head of his or her major department, and the off-campus studies programs advisor before filing application for participation in any term off campus. Transfer credit may be granted for approved foreign study programs sponsored by accredited American and International colleges and universities. Sufficient maturity to benefit from such specialized study is one of the criteria for selection.

Detailed information on all programs, including scholarships, is available in the Center for Global Learning. Information on financial assistance and policies is available in the financial aid office. The amount of financial assistance available will vary from program to program. Students will work with the financial aid office to determine their eligibility.

March 1 Application Deadline

Students wishing to study off campus for the summer, fall, or spring semester, or an entire academic year must be approved for off-campus study through application at the Center for Global Learning. In most cases, the deadline for applying is March 1. A few programs have earlier deadlines. The application process for programs administered by other institutions first requires the approval of the Luther Center for Global Learning; only after Luther approval for off-campus study has been given should the program application be started with the other institution. Acceptance for study on that program is determined by the program sponsor.