Summary of All-College Requirements

To meet the Luther goals for student learning, all graduates will:

  • Find common ground in their learning in this place.
  • Explore fields of inquiry, one in depth and others across the liberal arts.
  • Seek an integrative understanding of their studies and the relationship of those studies to the larger world.
  • Develop the perspectives and skills they need as students and in their lives as citizens and professionals equipped for distinguished service.

Common Ground

  • Paideia 111 and 112
  • Religion (two courses)
  • Language (one to two courses typical)
  • Wellness (two one-credit courses: PE 100 and 110)

Fields of Inquiry

  • Inquiry in Depth (an eight-to-10-course major typical, some larger)
  • Inquiry across the Liberal Arts (six courses, some of which may be satisfied within the major)

Integrative Understanding

  • Paideia 450 (ordinarily one course)
  • Senior Project (up to one full-course equivalent)

Perspectives and Skills

  • Intercultural (one course, often satisfied within other requirements)
  • Historical (one course, often satisfied within other requirements)
  • Quantitative (one course, sometimes satisfied within other requirements)
  • Ethical (satisfied within the major and Paideia 450)
  • Writing (satisfied within Paideia 111/112, the major, and Paideia 450)
  • Speaking and Public Presentation (satisfied within the first-year January seminar, the major, and the senior project)
  • Research (satisfied within Paideia 111/112, the major, and senior project)