Luther Merit Scholarships. These scholarships, funded by Luther College, are awarded to selected National Merit Scholars who have indicated Luther as their choice of college.

Honor Scholarships. In order to recognize outstanding academic achievement in high school, the college awards honor scholarships. These scholarships are outlined on the Financial Aid website. The scholarships are renewable for the four consecutive years a student is enrolled full-time at Luther and may be applied to tuition only. Renewal of these scholarships is contingent on the recipient maintaining academic progress with the college. Scholarship selection is made by a faculty committee and the scholarship is awarded at the time of admission to the college. Initial selection and annual renewal are based solely on academic performance. However, if a scholarship winner is also a recipient of a need-based financial assistance award, the scholarship will become a part of the financial assistance package. Transfer students are eligible for consideration based on their high school and college records.

EPIC (Education Partners in Covenant). A cooperative venture between congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and their colleges, EPIC is a voluntary program for the congregations of the ELCA. A covenant is formed in one of two ways: if the congregation is a member of the ELCA in Iowa, then an enrollment card is filed with the respective synod office; all other congregations, in Iowa and other states, file their enrollment forms directly with Luther College. Luther College will match congregational gifts to students up to $750. The congregations must notify Luther by August 1 of their intent to participate in the program to receive the college match.

State Scholarships/Grants. The following states have state scholarship programs which can be used at Luther: Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Residents of these states should contact high school counselors or state agencies for information on these programs.

Scholarships and awards for Luther students. A number of scholarships and awards for students have been made available by special gifts in direct support of Luther's program of financial assistance. A completed application for admission and a filed FAFSA are the necessary documents for scholarship consideration.