Frequently Asked Questions

Students & Alumni

Q: Who can use the services offered by the Career Center?

A: The services of the Career Center are available to all currently enrolled students, alumni, faculty and staff of Luther College.

Q: As a student, when should I make my first visit to the Career Center?

A: We strongly encourage students to become acquainted with the Career Center early in their college career. Far too many students wait until their last year in college to take advantage of the services in the Career Center. Checking out the Career Resource Library and/or meeting with a career counselor during the second semester of your first-year is not too early!

Q: What is a career counseling appointment like? Do I really need one?

A: Career counseling appointments usually last about an hour. During these one-on-one meetings, you and your counselor will discuss the issues and/or questions that brought you to the Career Center, as well as your immediate and longer-term goals. A career counselor can help you devise a career/job search plan as well as help you identify resources that may be helpful to you.

Q: I have not selected my major and I need assistance. Can the Career Center help me?

A: Yes. Every year the Career Center sees students who are grappling with this very question. While we will not choose a major for you, meeting with a career counselor can be very helpful in discussing your interests, values, strengths, and overall career direction.

Q: How can I take one of those career tests in the Career Center?

A: The Career Center administers two separate assessments that are available to currently enrolled students at no cost. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (or MBTI) and the Strong Interest Inventory (SII) are very useful tools that help facilitate the career development process. In order to take one or both of these assessment, you must meet with a career counselor.

Q: Aren’t most of the Career Center services for business majors?

A: No. The Luther College Career Center is comprehensive in its staffing, programming, and resources. We see as many psychology, biology, and mathematics majors as we do management, accounting, and economics majors. People often assume we work exclusively with business students due to on-campus interviewing and career fairs. In actuality, many of the employers visiting campus are interested in multiple majors, not just business students.

The Career Center receives job and internship listings from organizations who have limited job openings each year, and they are available on the Career Center web site. Additionally, the Career Resource Library has numerous resources that may be helpful in your career/job search as well.

Q: Where can I find a listing of jobs and internships associated with my major?

A: The Career Center maintains CareerConnection, a comprehensive database of full-time, part-time, internship, and volunteer opportunities that is searchable by type of position and one’s academic major. Many students and alumni find this database helpful. Other directories and listings (by geographic location and industry) are available in the Career Resource Library. We strongly recommend that you meet with a career counselor to devise a job search strategy that is responsive to the ways in which the industry you are seeking to enter fills positions.

Q: Do you have books and resources about different careers that I can check out?

A: The Career Center maintains a Resource Library that houses more than 475 books, resources, directories, and periodicals available to students and alumni. From Anthropology to Zoology (and everything in between), many students are surprised by the breadth and focus of our library resources. If you are aware of a resource that isn’t on our shelves, let us know! We’ll consider purchasing a copy!

Q: What is an internship and why is it valuable?

A: An internship is a structured learning experience that directly relates to one’s career interests. What makes an internship different from employment experiences is intentionally crafted learning goals. An internship can help a student test preliminary career goals, obtain career-related experience, clarify their overall career direction. Thus, whether your plans are to work immediately after graduation, enroll in graduate school, or volunteer full-time, participating in an internship has multiple benefits that may be useful to you.

Q: Can I just email my resume to the Career Center and have it critiqued?

A: No. You must meet with a career counselor first. In a conversation with a counselor, he or she can learn a great deal about your career plans and objectives which may influence the suggestions and feedback a student receives about his or her resume.

Recruiting Organizations

Q: Does Luther College host any career fairs?

A: Yes. The Luther College Career Center hosts six different career fairs each year. We host a fall and spring career fair for organizations seeking to recruit students for full-time and internship positions, a fall graduate and professional school fair, a fall volunteer and non-profit fair, and two summer camp fairs in the spring. If you are interested in participating, please call the Career Center at 563-387-1025.

Q: Is there a charge to post my vacancy?

A: No. Presently the Career Center does not charge a fee to employers to post positions.

Q: What kinds of positions does the Career Center post?

A: Employers who are interested in posting a vacancy at Luther College, or who are interested in recruiting on campus should review our Recruiting Activities Policy. This clarifies Luther’s expectations with respect to marketing to and recruiting our students.

Q: How do I post a position for Luther students and/or alumni?

A: You can post an internship or full-time job vacancy on-line, or you can fax an opportunity to us at 563-387-2628, or via email.

Q: How long will you post my position?

A: Positions are typically posted for a period of 30 days unless you have requested longer. We do not post positions for an indefinite amount of time.