Preparing for Tutoring

How can I prepare for tutoring?

  1. Go to class, take good notes, and come prepared for tutoring with questions.
  2. Visit with the professor. Your professor is your best resource for the course. Make sure to take advantage of your professor's office hours. If you need help initiating conversations with professors, a CAE staff member can provide you with guidance.
  3. Complete all homework and lecture readings ahead of time. Know what concepts or questions you'd like to focus on so that you can use your tutoring time wisely.
  4. Expect to be held accountable for no-shows and excessive cancellations. Tutoring spots are limited and attendance problems may cause you to lose your spot.

How can I help my tutor prepare for our sessions?

You should provide your tutor with adequate information before you start tutoring and over the duration of your sessions. Your tutor is a busy student like you and will appreciate your consideration of their time.

  1. Provide your tutor with a copy of the syllabus.
  2. Whenever possible, send your tutor an email a few days ahead of time. Let your tutor know what unit you're working on, what questions you have, etc.
  3. If certain types of problems give you trouble, give your tutor a heads up. You should give your tutor several days to review problems before the session.
  4. Your tutor will not be expected to complete or solve your homework problems or "check" your homework. Your tutor can help walk you through similar problems, help clarify concepts, and suggest study strategies. However it is a violation of the Luther Honor Code to ask your tutor to solve problems for you.
  5. If you are using tutoring for help on a writing assignment, send the tutor your paper ahead of time. It is not reasonable to expect your tutor to read through a 10 page paper in a 30 minute session.
  6. Read and know the terms of the tutoring contract. Ask your tutor questions or email the Tutor Coordinator at the address below.


CAE does not tolerate harassment, academic misconduct, or inappropriate/unprofessional behavior. If either party feels that the above has occurred, please report this concern to the Coordinator of Tutor and Academic Services or Michelle Branton, Associate Dean for Student Success. On occasion we may solicit your feedback through an electronic evaluation form. If you report a serious issue on the form, we will contact you to discuss the matter in person.