Academic Enrichment Group (AEG)

CAE is excited to partner with Luther College's Counseling Services to provide further support to our students.

We know that even very talented and intelligent students can end up on academic probation. Oftentimes things outside of our control get in the way of our ability to succeed. In the Academic Enrichment Group (AEG), we want to help you figure out what those "things" may be and how to best handle them.

The Academic Enrichment Group is part-class, part-group. Students will meet in a group setting on a weekly basis to strengthen academic skills (goal setting, procrastination, time management) as well as to explore how to become more resilient in the face of scholastic and personal adversity (addressing issues like persistence, values, and stress management) through peer support. The group will be facilitated by a staff person in the Luther College Counseling Service and a staff person in the Center for Academic Enrichment.  AEG will meet on Monday's from 4:00 - 5:00pm in Zoom starting on October 5th. If you are interested in joining AEG, please complete the google form.

If you have any questions feel free to contact:

Stu Johnston
Luther College Counseling Service
[email protected]

Adam Lenehan
Center for Academic Enrichment 
[email protected]