Why Study Accounting?

There is always a high demand for accountants since they provide the knowledge organizations need to manage, organize, and understand finances and resources. Their skills and expertise also serve as a critical foundation in any decision making process and enable companies to be competitive, profitable, and achieve the proposed goals and objectives.

Because we live in a global economy, there are nearly endless career possibilities and opportunities for advancement in the field of accounting. It provides a tremendous amount of flexibility for professional growth and development since it enables you to find work in an organization f any size. In any case, accounting provides great autonomy and allows you to choose a work environment that best suits you.

Why study accounting at Luther? 

Luther’s accounting program emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, and cultural awareness skills through case work and classroom discussion, all while preparing you for professional certification. The program includes tenured faculty with professional backgrounds teaching in small class sizes with personalized attention. New accounting pronouncements and international standards are integrated on a timely basis, so you can rest assured your education will be relevant and prepare you for any future grad school or career choices. The program provides the opportunity to complete requirements for CPA exam and offers nearly a 95% placement rate.

The accounting department has a number of strong relationships, including an alumni network in the workforce to help introduce you to a variety of internships and careersMany Luther accounting graduates enter a variety of fields fields such as financial, public, governmental and tax accounting after graduation.