J-2 Vocation Exploration Study Away (MGT 285)

J-2 Vocation Exploration is offered as a two or four credit off-campus experiential learning opportunity in which students have meaningful and varied interactions with organizations within their community to gain a better understanding of vocation alternatives. This learning opportunity is available to all students regardless of their January location.  Students remaining in Decorah during January Term and students residing away from Decorah should consider participating.

Students, with the assistance of faculty, design a Vocation Exploration Study Away experience which involves one or more organizations (for-profit businesses, non-profit organizations, government entities). The student then has an opportunity to work with that organization in multiple ways such as handling small projects, shadowing key members/mentors, and attending organizational meetings and events.

Vocation Exploration Study Away is a Directed Study which emphasizes learning through observation, experience, personal interaction, and suggested reading.