Economics Internship Stories

Melody Elele

Melody EleleWhen: Summer 2014
Where:, Atlanta, Georgia
Economics is the world’s leading online fabric store that strives for great customer service and innovation. In the summer of 2014, Melody conducted studies on different associates and departments to help standardize the amount of time processes should take. She gathered and analyzed data from the warehouse and business intelligence software. Melody improved her Microsoft Excel and data analysis skills and developed managerial skills from working with associates and managers. She communicated work problems that associates faced with managers, learned about safety tips in a warehouse, and was exposed to different databases and business intelligence software. She loved the casual learning atmosphere of the work environment that encouraged creativity and leadership. Melody solidified her interest in management because it helped her realize how many opportunities there are for a new graduate with her knowledge and skills in the workplace.

Kyle Knudson

Kyle Knudson

When: Summer 2015
Where: Twin Fin Aquaponics
Major: Economics

Twin Fin Aquaponics is an innovative, urban farm startup company that focuses on food systems, financial resiliency, and working in communities. The company helps provide fresh fish and leafy greens year-round to local restaurants and residents. At Twin Fin, Kyle helped care for the fish, trim and harvest plants, and check the pH and nitrite levels in the water used to produce the foods. He learned more about the science behind aquaponics as well as aspects of fish care and plant cultivation. He said his internship helped him grow in self-discipline and made him realize that he works well experimenting and managing his own time. Kyle enjoyed having hands-on experience working with an aquaponics system and sees a future for himself working with aquaponics in sustainable food production.

Patrick Larson

Patrick Larson at Handicap International in Washington D.C.When: January, 2015
Handicap International

As a non-profit based out of France with branches in multiple countries including the United States, Handicap International works to assist people with disabilities in developing countries, especially in areas that have undergone recent disasters. Last year alone, Handicap International helped over 2 million people in 59 countries. Over January, Patrick worked as an intern in Washington D.C., focusing primarily on marketing research and analysis and how their current strategies correlated with fundraising. Patrick works with social media at Luther, and he found it interesting to see how marketing can work at a higher ed level and for a non-profit organization. Since Handicap International is not as established as other non-profits, Patrick was able to witness notable gains in a short period of time. Although still very undecided about his future plans, Patrick found the work very interesting but realized a 9-5 office job may not be the best fit for him, preferring more hands-on work and personal interactions.

Bethany Noltner

Bethany Noltner internship story.When: January, 2015
Where: Orgel Wealth Management
Major: Management/Economics

Orgel Wealth Management (OWM) is a wealth management company that invests with mutual funds, helps clients build diverse portfolios, and provides financial planning guidance. Bethany spent a lot of her time shadowing and working with the partners of company, but also was given a project to work on from start to finish. OWM had an inadequate system in place for the music listened to by clients while on hold, so Bethany got to search for a company to hire, allowing her to make a variety of business decisions and build professional communication skills. She even presented all of her suggestions in packets to the partners of OWM to finish off the project. Working at OWM helped Bethany realize she was less interested in becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and felt that working as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) was a better fit because she enjoyed helping people discover what assets they have and how to plan for their financial goals in life. Spending the month with OWM helped Bethany learn a lot about herself made her realize she is more people-oriented than she previously thought.