Things You Can Do

Children explore their local waterways.

Steps you can take as you begin your water resource journey:

If you are a farmer, you could:

Test a new conservation practice on one field, e.g., STRIPS, cover crops, no till, grass waterways, stream buffers.

Learn how to monitor the water draining from your farm by contacting IOWATER.   

Share what you are doing with your neighbor, grandchild, or friends

If you live in the city you could:

Pick one thing to do that will keep water on your property, e.g., rain barrel, rain garden, or replace an impervious surface.

If you water your lawn or apply herbicides or fertilizers, consider reducing or eliminating this practice.

Go on an adventure to figure out where the water from your toilet goes and where the water from your driveway goes. Stop when you get to the river.

If you use water you could:

Use less and give thanks.

Engage in your community's efforts to improve water quality.

Learn about water resources and quality in our area by visiting:

The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium, the USGS Water Science School Website, the Iowa Learning Farms, the Environmental Protection Agency water page, or the Iowa Water Conference.