Graduate School Acceptances

Ten Year Summary 2009-2018
Numbers in parentheses denote number of students if more than one.

Agricultural Life Sciences:
Mississippi State University

Des Moines U.

University of Minnesota
Washington University

Arctic Climate Change Ecology:
University of Alaska-Fairbanks

Iowa State University

Biological and Biomedicine Sciences:
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Biological Anthropology:
University of Missouri-Columbia

Biomedical Engineer:
Iowa State University (2)

Biomedical Science:
Des Moines University (2)
Midwestern University

University of Iowa

Cellular/Molecular Biology:
University of Iowa
University of Minnesota
Washington University

Cornell University

Clinical and Biological Psychology:
University of Minnesota

Computational Biology:
John Hopkins

University of Maine

Ecology, Evolution & Behavior:
University of Minnesota

University of Pittsburgh

Ecosystem Management:
University of Northern Iowa

Kansas State University
Michigan State University (2)
University of Mississippi
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Entomology/Sustainable Agriculture:
Iowa State University

Environmental Health/Infectious Disease:
University of Minnesota (2)

Evolutionary Biology:
University of Iowa

Exercise Physiology:
Northern Iowa University
University of Colorado

Exercise Science & Sports Performance:
University of Northern Iowa

Genetic Counseling:
Northwestern University
University of Colorado (2)
University of South Carolina

University of Iowa
University of Minnesota
Washington State University

Geographic Information Science:
St. Mary’s University

Health Care Communications:
University of State Thomas

Health Economics, Policy & Management:
University of Oslo, Norway

Healthcare Administration and Public Health:
University of Iowa

Human Genetics:
University of Minnesota

Iowa State University

Landscape Architecture:
University of Minnesota

Marine Sciences:
King Abdullah U. of Sri and Tech
University of Miami

University of Illinois (2)
University of Indiana
University of Iowa (2)

Loyola University

Molecular & Cellular Biology:
Iowa State University

University of Iowa
University of Pennsylvania
Washington State University.

Natural Resources:
University of Minnesota

Naturopathic Medicine
University of San Diego

Central Michigan
University of Iowa (4)

Philosophy, Public Policy & Leadership:
John Jay Institute

Plant Biology
Iowa State University

Public Health
Emory University
University of Minnesota (3)

Research Assistant:
Marquette University

Science Education:
University of Iowa.

Sport and Performance Psychology:
University of Denver

University of Washington