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Bio 487 Biology Colloquium Series

Bio 487 Biology Colloquium - The biology colloquium meets regularly during the academic year for lectures and discussions led by visiting scholars, faculty, and student researchers.

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Jodi Enos-Berlage, Luther College professor of biology

The elixir of life: an invitation

Luther Professor of Biology Jodi Enos-Berlage invites us to experience Body of Water, a unique pairing of biology and dance, that encourages audiences to rethink water and what it means for survival.

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Beth Lynch

Lynch Co-authors Publications

Beth Lynch co-authored three recent papers resulting from collaborative research funded by the National Science Foundation: "Presence of lakes and wetlands decreases resilience of jack pine ecosystems to late-Holocene climatic changes" in Canadian Journal of Forest Research; "Geophysical features influence the climate change sensitivity of northern Wisconsin pine and oak forests" in Ecological Applications; and "Taking the long view: Integrating recorded, archeological, paleoecological, and evolutionary data into ecological restoration" in International Journal of Plant Sciences.

Laura Boran

Luther College senior Boran selected to begin summer research on new bioplastics

Out of the 80 billion pounds of plastic made per year in the United States, 75 percent will end up in waste streams after little to no use. Laura Boran, Luther College senior of Brainerd, Minnesota, is researching new ways to help alleviate this global issue. This summer she is attempting to create a new bioplastic, an alternative to petroleum-based plastic.

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