Dr. Reding is Tenured and Promoted

Dr. Dawn Reding has been tenured and promoted to associate professor of biology.  She has served in the biology department since 2013, regularly teaching courses in principles of biology, genomics and vertebrate biology, and serving as director of the Hoslett Museum of Natural History. Her research interests include using genetic tools to study the evolution, ecology and conservation of wildlife.

She primarily works with mammals, such as fox, deer, bobcats and bats, to address questions about population declines or expansions, subspecies designation, landscape barriers to animal movement and mating systems.

Reding holds a bachelor's degree in environmental science from the University of Dubuque; a master's degree in zoology with specialization in ecology, evolution and conservation biology from the University of Hawaii in Manoa, Honolulu; and a doctoral degree in ecology and evolutionary biology from Iowa State University.

Dawn Reding, Assistant Professor of Biology