Tentative Listing of Future Biology Course Offerings

R=fulfills biology major research course requirement
W=fulfills biology major writing course requirement

NOTE: This is a tentative listing of courses planned to be offered, and offerings may change:

Fall 2019
Bio 115 Human Anatomy (NWL)
Bio 151 Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity (NWL)
Bio 231 Microscopy
Bio 243 Microbiology
Bio 251 Entomology (R,W)
Bio 255 Human Physiology
Bio 256 Biostatistics
Bio 301 Human Dissection and Anatomy
Bio 364 Cell Biology (R,W, offered every other year)
Bio 365 Ecology (R,W)
Bio 490 Senior Project

J-term 2020
Bio 247 Subtropical and Marine Biology (R, study away)

Spring 2020
Bio 112 Insects, Humans and the Environment (NWL)
Bio 116 Introduction to Human Physiology (NWL)
Bio 152 Cells and Molecules (NWL)
Bio 201 Genetics
Bio 232 Microscopy Laboratory
Bio 252 Botany
Bio 258 Vertebrate Natural History (R,W, offered every other year)
Bio 260 Experimental Neuroscience (R,W)
Bio 354 Evolutionary Biology (R,W)
Bio 362 Neuroscience
Bio 490 Senior Project