Video Gallery

  • Microbiology Research Lab - Antibiotic Resistance Crisis

  • Prescribed Fire Training Session

  • Summer Research - Forest Composition

    Associate Professor Beth Lynch leads Student Researcher Savannah Wilson on a survey of the forest composition of the Finch Memorial Hardwoods Preserve.

  • Summer Research - Moth Diversity

    Professor of Biology Kirk Larsen and Student Researcher Lena Schmitt survey the diversity of moth populations in and around Luther's campus.

  • 100 Years of Biology at Luther College

  • Hoslett Lecture 2019

  • Hoslett Lecture 2018

  • Hoslett Lecture 2017

  • Hoslett Lecture 2016

  • Fire Songs Mashup: Luther College Prairie Burn

    The Luther College Biology Department conducts periodic prescribed burns of local prairies, to imitate fires that would occur naturally and manage plant and wildlife. The prairies are in fact "outdoor laboratories" owned by the college for various forms of research.

  • January Term Internship: Chella Bhagyam

    Chella Bhagyam reflects on her internship at Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center in LaCrosse, Wisconsin during J-term.

  • January Term Internship: Bryan Butel

    Bryan Butel's internship at the Gundersen Lutheran Hospital in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

  • January Term Internship: Brenna Gibbons

    Brenna Gibbons explains her biology internship at the Winneshiek Medical Center during J-term.

  • Cadaver Lab at Luther College

    Details about the unique lab on the Luther campus.

  • Faculty Spotlight: Kirk Larsen

    Meet Kirk Larsen, professor of biology.